Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yet More Less is More (Or Should That Be Yet Less More Is Less?)

And still they come. Yet more contributions for this month's Less is More jamboree.

First time participant in one of my writing projects, Antolin, has written a real gem. He remembers how his love for the water started... riding on his father's back and Hanging on to a line of buoys. I'm hoping we will see more articles from him in future group writing projects.

Then Andrew pushes the envelope of minimalist blogging saying Less is...

And Captain JP offers us some random thoughts on the topic of Less is more (more or less) and hints at more to come (if he can decipher what he wrote on his iPhone.)

Update: Oops I missed one. Pat has an excellent suggestion for how to enjoy more boating for less money and less hassle - the OPB gambit.

I'm going to extend the deadline until Wednesday midnight as a couple of folk have told me they are still hoping to present an offering at the altar of minimalism in boating. Full details of how to participate at Less is More.


Pat said...

Can anyone help me remember a quote from a book or magazine article giving advice to would-be circumnavigators or passagemakers? It was probably by one of the cruising gurus who is frequently published in sailing magazines.

The gist of it was that would-be world cruisers shouldn't wait to save up for the perfect boat, but rather go now with what they have; that many sailors have successfully cruised the world with modest boats, that most world cruising boats are relatively modest in size and equipment, and that people who wait too long may completely miss the opportunity to live their dreams.

It does fit into the less is more theme.

Fred said...

Thanks for extending the dead line.

Fred said...

wasn´t it from the Hiscocks?
Anyway good advise and matches Tillerman´s theme.
smooth sailing!

Joe said...

David over at OpenBoat has a Less is More post, he posted it before your project was assigned. I wonder if he took a spin on the Tardis with O'Docker?

O Docker said...

Pat, you're probably thinking about the credo of the Pardeys, that's usually put, "Go small, go simple, go now."

Circumnavigating in a 24-foot engineless boat could be one definition of 'Less is more'.

I think my wife would disagree, though.

EscapeVelocity said...

I'm a big fan of OPB--used to keep track of how many boats I sailed on in the course of a year, and my goal was twenty. I am very attached to my two boats, though. I have not done as well as my uncle, who has been sailing for decades, including quite a bit of ocean racing, and owns...a Sunfish.

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