Sunday, October 25, 2009

Less is More: Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month's group writing project Less is More. We had about 25 responses...

Andrew says Less is...
and Greg and Kris say ahem.
I predictably wrote about the Laser.
Sam added some LASER TWO WORD STUFF.
Susie Pegel gave us her Star and Laser Comparison.

And Carol Anne couldn't quite make up her mind about the Etchells.

Earwigoagin was contrary at first...

The Laser......Not!

The Sunfish...... Not!

before deciding that canoe sailing beats paddling!

Joe likes sea kayak sailing
while Pat likes kayaking and the OPB gambit.
But it was Antolin who took the "Less is More" concept of boating to its logical conclusion in Hanging.

And then we had a group of writers who took the "Less is More" idea and ran off with it in all sorts of unexpected directions...

Emily Fabpants dreamed of warm summer days on the Norfolk Broads.
Crazy Swim Dad says the more you drive the less intelligent you are.
Some_day_soling wrote about the exquisite moments in sailing.
Manfred wrote about the pleasures of a very small regatta.
Captain JP offered us
some random thoughts on the topic.
Janna concludes that it's all about time in the boat.
O Docker describes minimalist boat maintenance.
Jos found a great example in The Racing Rules.
Zen offers sailing Hawaii through Zen eyes.
Edward explains why Popeye eats spinach.
Zen educates us on Wabi-Sabi.
And Yarg likes Molting.

Wow. You guys are the best. You never cease to amaze me with your ingenuity and creativity in taking a simple idea from me and spinning it into such a wide variety of nautical tales. Did I miss anybody?

Thank you.


PeconicPuffin said...

How did I miss this? Master Puffin has been sleeping in class, it seems.

Well at least I get to enjoy the other posts (I can already tell I'll like the Maintenance post...)

-asleep at the wheel (wait...windsurfers don't have wheels...there are only eight parts on a windsurfer excluding screws and string...that's less is more. Dang I can't believe I missed this.)

Tillerman said...

Yes, I was surprised too not to get any posts extolling the virtues of any of the board-based variants of having fun on the water... windsurfers, kites, just plain surfers, stand-up paddling, whatever. You guys are the perfect examples of "less is more".

bonnie said...

Wasabi? I like wasabi!

Baydog said...

Bonnie: When eating wasabi, make sure you breathe solely through your nose, for the full effect. BTW, where did wasabi come from in this last post? Did you partake of a bit of "little weed" and get a sushi hankerin'? Tillerman: Windsurfing is probably the quintessential example of "less is more". With a board, mast, boom, sail, and skeg, the sailboard has only five basic components with which to propel the sailor to fantastic speeds. Kudos, Peconic Puffin!

bonnie said...

Oh, I guess that was a bit out of left field - reference to a couple of the comments in Zen's post about wabi-sabi.

Believe it or not, not all paddlers partake of the weed!

It was a long first day back at work after vacation, that's all.

Occured to me later that I really should've signed it "Bubbles".

Smilicus said...

Ahoy Tillerman. I took part in the writing project. In true South African Fashion I didn't post anything on the blog.

Enjoyed all the posts.

Tillerman said...

Well done Smilicus. And to all the other participants who took minimalism to its logical conclusion by not actually participating. It's the thought that counts.

Baydog said...

Bonnie: All first days back to work are long. Hope you enjoyed your time off

PeconicPuffin said...

(while thinking about inhaling wasabi):

Okay now I counted the screws and strings: 23 or 24 bits (depending on the boom).

Upon reflection (and admiration of many of the submitted posts) I think I would have written on the joys of sailing in less wind.

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