Friday, October 16, 2009

Song for the Day: Streets of Philadelphia

So why is the song for the day? What makes it topical?

I think this one's a bit easier than last week's question.


Carol Anne said...

Something having to do with those guys who are trouncing my beloved Dodgers?

Tillerman said...

Good guess Carol Anne. But no. Something much more specific links this video with the day the song was posted.

O Docker said...

My wife, who has an annoying habit of being right, and who annoyingly got the right answer to the previous puzzle when I explained why she couldn't possibly be right, has said this has something to do with the fact that Springsteen was actually in Philadelphia on Friday, was in concert there Sunday, the same day as a major AIDS walk there, and that the song you've selected was written for the Tom Hanks movie Philadelphia, which helped draw awareness to the plight of AIDS victims.

Of course, she can't possibly be right.

Tillerman said...

O Docker, that is an amazing coincidence. I had no idea that Springsteen was actually playing a series of concerts in Philadelphia over the last few days when I chose that particular song as Friday's Song for the Day. Nor did I know about the AIDS walk in Philly this weekend.

Your wife's answer is so much better than my original reason that I award her the prize.

For anyone interested in the other, more mundane (but actually true) reason that I chose a Springsteen video for Friday's post.
1. Friday was October 16.
2. October 16 is Boss's Day in the US.
3. Springsteen's nickname is "The Boss."

Carol Anne said...

O Docker, I'd love to meet your wife sometime ... maybe go sailing with her.

I can tell why you've decided she's a keeper, and why you go to the trouble of working on creating sailing experiences that she can enjoy.

O Docker said...

My wife is pretty smart. She's made only one serious blunder in her life, which we celebrate every year on our anniversary.

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