Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Than Enough Less is More

Another couple of posts came in before the deadline for this month's group writing project Less is More.

Earwigoagin has really entered into the spirit of the theme by writing more 'Less is More' posts than anyone else. (Or perhaps he is trying to prove the counter-argument?) Anyway, his third post harks back to his Boy Scout days: Less is More.... or Less; Anyway, It Beats Paddling! tells the tale of how he (re)invented a very minimalist style of sailing.

And Manfred writes about a 'Less is More' subject that is dear to my own heart: how sometimes a very small regatta can be a more special experience than a huge one.

Update: Oops, missed another one because of an email snafu. The delightfully named Emily Fabpants dreams of warm summer days on the Norfolk Broads.

Full wrap-up on 'Less is More' coming shortly. Thanks to everyone who participated. Once again you guys have exceeded my expectations.

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