Saturday, October 03, 2009

Help JP Crack the Code

Captain JP was out for a jog
When he had a brilliant idea for his blog.
He wrote it down on his phone
But the idea's now unknown
'Cause the note's as clear as an old London fog.

The note mentions some bloke called O Docker
(Who, as the Brits say, is clean off his rocker)
And some tasteful pics
Perhaps bikini-clad chicks?
Well that would be a real shocker.

So please help JP in cracking the code.
If you don't do what he's owed
It will drive him to drinking.
What the hell was he thinking?
Quick! Or his head will explode!


O Docker said...

'Tasteful' and 'O Dock' in the same thought?
It sounds like the Captain is highly distraught,
Or maybe his phone
Is bad to the bone.
I think I'd return it to where it was bought.

JP said...

I may have forgotten my blog post but think I might have discovered Tillerman's next hat - as poet!

Either that or writing lyrics for a band.

"Tillerman & the O Dockers" - on World Tour Now!!!

I think U2 etc should be warned.

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