Thursday, October 08, 2009

the most childish sailing website on the internet

One of the things I have discovered since adding the Recent Comments widget to my sidebar is that some people use the comments sections of old posts on Proper Course to indulge in good old-fashioned Internet flame wars. Without the widget I would miss all the fun...

I wrote about one such war in what a plonker. The battle is still going on but I am even more sure now that it is really one guy plonking with himself.

Today I discovered another flame-fest. Apparently my post from 2006 about Sailing Websites is still generating heat. It's all about some site called and the reaction to the sailmonster dude using my comments to promote his site. Here is a slightly edited version of the "conversation"...

Sailmonster is self generating. Our members make it great or not. We have been hit by SA as copying them which is not the case. That is why we formed. FU-SA Family United Sailing Association:) Our site is for all ages and clean.
12:34 PM

Anonymous said...
I have been to the sailmonster site, it sucks the most of any site I have been to. Not a single thing about sailing. maybe some raft ups and local stuff. but to say you are copying sailing anarchy is a joke.
7:10 PM

Anonymous said...
I agree Sucks
7:53 PM

Jeff said...
Yeah,Sailmonster Sucks, worst of the worst
5:06 PM

Jerry Stanford said... is the sailing my space for adult drunken sailors, and calling them adult is stretching the term. No actual sailing content,unless you consider the youtube videos that someone else made, the ones they made themselves are just pathetic. You have a salesman that runs,and his wife, both of which get sickening real fast.
Sailing Anarchy Rules
11:30 AM

Roznos said...
From Sailmonster:
Thanks for the feedback. If you had half a brain you would realize that is designed for people to publish there own sailing news, stories, experiences and meet other people that do the same. Our focus is to get people on the water. If you think that promoting sailing and running events to raise money for kids and sponsoring races sucks go to and start your own site like seaknots for free Rockstar.
9:04 AM

Peter Lyons said...
Well I happened to go to your site sailmonster and watched it for the past week or so. I wouldn't say it sucks. It is ok if you like the owner, namely you telling people how great you are and patting yourself on the back in your articles. Its a shame no one else seems agree.

Most people that have a good site, a good job,or anything good don't go around trying to pushing it down people's throats. They don't have to, they know what and who they are or what their site does.

You say go to for free, well I am not promoting a website and if I did,I might just use it. I wouldn't be like you and advertise to my whole website audience how much it cost to add features to my website like you do. Big Bucks it will cost me etc. etc. etc..

Come on down to earth. Your website is not a serious sailors site no matter how much you try to sell it to everyone. You have you, your wife, a few of your local buddies and a few other members that keep it going. Just look at how many are online, not many at all compared to other sailing websites.

I would never have posted this here but after reading your reply to the other comments, I just had to let you know what your site really is.

And by the way most of the people from your site have gone over to Seaknots and they think it is just great, it actually has a huge variety of user generated info about cruising. Not like yours,where you and your wife are the main contributors of photos and videos and articles that someone else has done,that you mainly copied from other webpages and posted them on your site and where the polls are "how much wood can a woodchuck chuck".

Come off it, do you think serious sailors want to read that stuff and the other goofiness that goes on at sailmonster.

Peter Lyons
9:07 PM

Anonymous said...
Hi Peter,
Thank you for your input. Sorry if an open discussion offended you. Not sure if you are aware of what we do. Have a great day.
10:02 AM

Peter said...

I was not offended in any way. I was just giving you my feedback on your website.

It is not an open discussion there, in fact there is no discussion there. It is YOU that does all the talking, all the posts,all the patting yourself on the back and most all of everything. You sit in your shoutbox all day long and if no one answers you, you still keep on talking.

You may post events and you may help sponsor things in your area,and try to promote sailing with your site, which is great.

But in reality, if you sit down and look at it truthfully,as a sailing website, it is really the most childish sailing website on the internet today.You have no useful information for sailors,no original content,just rehashed videos,photos,and articles,that is posted all over the internet before you even put it up on your site.

11:34 AM

Anonymous said... is a joke on most of the real sailing websites. ENOUGH SAID
12:32 PM

I am so happy that these people find my site a useful place to insult each other.


O Docker said...

Dang! I thought 'Most Childish Sailing Website On The Internet' was something I had a real shot at.

Someone always gets there first.

Pat said...

Now we know why Blogger gives us the option of enabling comment moderation on old posts.

bonnie said...

Public self-plonking?

Eeeewwww, gross.

Pandabonium said...

Perhaps entering into a debate with yourself using multiple identities is a way to increase traffic? Hmmm...

A sad aspect of the internets tubes is that people have less inhibition about being mean, stupid, childish, self absorbed, etc.

Thus, the little trash can for making such comments "go away".

tillerman said...

Why would I use moderation or the trash can to make such stuff "go away"? I like seeing what the "plonkers" and the "most childish" write. It makes the stuff I write seem almost sensible in contrast. Or maybe not?

To borrow an old slogan from the UK newspaper, News of the World...

Proper Course - All human life is here!

EVK4 said...

flame wars are fun to read. Honestly I find the proprietors of most sailing boards to be complete jerks. I can't imagine spending any time on a boat with Scot Tempesta and certainly not this sailmonster tool. Craig Leweck doesn't seem bad but his forums stink. There's this other guy who runs a laser blog though, I'd go sailing with him.

Pat said...

Hmmmm... a couple of election cycles ago some discussion was held on the premise of, "Did people vote for George W. Bush because he seemed to be the kind of guy with whom they could have a beer?"

Politics aside, should there be a metric for "How much would we be willing to sail with this sailing blogger?"

Perhaps in 2010 or 2011 I'd have time to try to do the "Sailing and paddling with famous bloggers tour", grin.

Tillerman said...

As I've said before, I tend to think of this blog as a conversation with sailing buddies over beer and pizza after sailing.

Sometimes we talk about sailing. Sometimes we talk about whatever comes into my head. Sometimes I pass round photos of my grandkids. Sometimes we have a few too many beers and sing a song!

Yeah, it would be fun to meet up for a real beer, and maybe a sail or a paddle, with some of you one day.

Pat said...

Yes, I could easily imagine something like kayaks and Lasers in a relatively convenient place such as Mystic, CT, or maybe Block Island. The NYC has lots of bloggers who are relatively close to Tillerman country. Then we could take the party west to the Berkeley Circle or Angel Island on San Francisco Bay.

bonnie said...

Oh, sounds like fun...

Robert M said...

I just went to the Sailmonster website and I see they say it is redone.It is worse than it was before. Still the same five or six people doing all the postings. Still posting the same old videos and pictures over and over. Still the same childish blogs by Sailmonster and his wife. Still the same old stuff about them patting themselves on their backs.
Hope the founders will grow up and put some real content that sailors could really use.

SailingFree said...

That site isnt a sailing site. It is a local florida site, whose talk about drinking rum out of a blue jug,puking,running down the beach with crackers,feeding seagulls,so the birds will shit on them,doing all this while taking videos that they think make them look cool.Just look at the sailmonster youtube page.
Mostly a bunch of middle aged drunks who think they are college students still and may sail once a month, and sail,I mean go out a mile from the dock,raft up and get drunk again.

Sailmonstermomma said...

We get rum dumb on Sailmonster Daily

Scot said...

Sailmonster gets foreclosed,
Fifth Third Mortgage Co. vs. Jason M. Roznos (Sailmonster), mortgage foreclosure.
Feb. 22,2010, Source

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