Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hermaphrodite Brig

A commenter called Bubbles asked, "Like, Mr. Tillerman, how come you never talks about BRITNEY or LADY GAGA or anyone on this blog?"

Well, I always try to please my readers so here goes...

This is a sailing blog so I did a search on Lady Gaga and Sailing and came up with this little gem on a site called TrueKnowled?e.

Is Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite?

The answer depends on what you meant by "hermaphrodite":

If you meant intersex human being (A person who possesses a partial or complete set of sex organs for both genders. Historically known as hermaphrodites.) then I don't know the answer

If you meant hermaphrodite brig, or brig-schooner, a type of two-masted sailing ship which has square sails on the foremast combined with a schooner rig on the mainmast, the answer is NO.

I couldn't make this shit up.

Happy now, Bubbles?


Zen said...

WOW, that was a brilliant post@ Inspiring! how do you do it?!

Bubbles said...

Oh, that's so keeeeewl! I bet your sitemeter stats go, like, totally through the roof now!

And that Frog blog is talking about Hugh Jackman (omg he is such a hottie) and I bet now all the sail bloogs will start to - wow, you guys are like totally going to save sailing (at least in google hits!)

Zen said...


Save sailing ,
Save the world!


Jolea said...

LOL!!! I love Miss Gaga! I don't know how that whole hermaphrodite thing started though, she barely wears any clothes at all! And believe me, I know drag queens and she is NOT ONE. Haha!

Zen said...

Drag Queen, I do not think so:

She is ok, but not all that.

and now...
back to our regular program.

Word verification: uxesspo

Jean Grenner said...

Hey, Mr. Tillerman, the "hermaphrodite rumor" you so quickly (and at least to me, condescendingly) dismissed is a literal "what's what" of top rumored hermaphrodite talent in the world today.

These rumored "hermaphrodites" include none other than Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Caster Semanya, Jabba the Hutt and Joe Liebermann among many others… apologies to the hermaphrodites not named here because I can’t name all of you.

But Mr. Tillerman, these hermaphrodites have accomplished more than nearly all of us, including me. So how about we all show them the respect they deserve?

JP said...

Why oh why oh why did I not write a post about Lady Gaga?

Clearly missed out on a totally hot blog subject. Lost the chance to show my P-P-P-Poker Face

(Oh and Zen, showing an intriguingly good knowledge of Lady G's web picture portfolio)

O Docker said...

Wait a minute.

Has Zen outted Bubbles ?

PeconicPuffin said...

We like the Lady Gaga, who draws artistic inspiration imho from Grace Jones, who used to race J35s.

JP said...

Grace Jones racing on J35s? Is this how internet rumours start?

PeconicPuffin said...

My understanding is Ms. Jones sailed for pleasure in the Bahamas during her career (probably why she favored recording down there) and when her music career fizzled she got heavily into it, ultimately as a competitor.