Saturday, January 09, 2010

My Future Crew

She needs to learn to swim before she learns to sail.


Andrew said...

Who will be crewing for who?

Pat said...

Safety note:
The floats worn on the back without explanation make me a bit nervous.

In most cases, flotation worn on the back isn't a good thing and perhaps this would be corrected before Emily is done with her high-fashion shoot and goes in the water. Or perhaps there is a perfectly good reason for wearing the floats this way in this situation.

There could be exceptions or special cases, such as giving a little back-up float support to a young swimmer who is learning strokes under careful adult supervision.

Another is supporting a young beginning swimmer on her back so she becomes more comfortable in the water.

But, with flotation worn on the back, that would require close supervision; any lapse in parental or instructor attention could be a bad thing.

And, as early as possible, kids should be trained on the best ways to use flotation in a boating / accident situation (which is different from swim training under supervision) and learn not to put flotation on the back.

The danger with unsupervised use of floats on the back is of course the tendency to push the wearer's face in the water; an inexperienced swimmer who becomes too tired or frightened to control breathing and posture might panic and swallow or aspirate water.

Just my dos centavos worth and I might be all wet on this; there are probably folks who know a lot more than me and could comment on how and how not to use buoyancy aids and supervise their use in swim lessons, etc.

Tillerman said...

Pat ... just to clarify, my granddaughter was taking a learn-to-swim lesson under close adult supervision (swimming instructor in the water with her) at her local YMCA.

Flotation for boating accidents is, of course, a totally different situation.

O Docker said...

Wait, am I in the wrong blog?

Are you the one with the star-spangled swim trunks ?

EVK4 said...

See, swimming and sailing CAN mix.

Unknown said...

She was incredible! She remembered everything from the summer and picked up right where she left off...floating on her back, jumping in, going under! Woohoo!!! Thanks for the lessons!

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