Saturday, January 30, 2010

Six Sample Sizzling Stingers

Last Saturday in Revelations, I published some links to a few old posts from my archives that I thought newer readers might enjoy. But often the comments from readers are better than the original posts. So this week I am recycling some comments to previous posts. Maybe these typical statements of what you think of me will be the inspiration for more in the same vein?

Angry, bitter, and the perpetrator of the worst kind of hypocrisy.
Bumper Stickers

Insulting, condescending and representing poor sportsmanship.
I Love Winter

Do you really believe people are going to believe that crap?
An Inconvenient Truth

Tillerman you are a bitter old man who is mired in the past.
Mommy Boats

When you act like an @$$ you just piss people off.

You are some dumb lurker/troll.
A Typical Day at the Forum

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