Saturday, January 23, 2010


It occurred to me the other day, in a bout of unaccustomed modesty, that newer readers of my blog may not be aware of some of the gems of blogger wisdom and humor that are hidden away in the archives of Proper Course. So I thought it might be fun occasionally to dig into the treasure chest and show off some of these nuggets.

And then I thought it would make sense if I had some kind of theme to the archive posts that I selected rather than just picking out two or three random posts from yesteryear. So the theme of this blast from the past is "Revelations"... posts in which I reveal aspects of my character or psyche or general incompetence that may not be entirely flattering.

Think of it as redressing the balance for all the posts I have written this month making fun of other people such as Larry Ellison, girls in keelboats, and men who are excessively proud of the length of their thingies.

First up is a post from January 2006 Overheard on a Run in which I rashly revealed that I have a phobia of having my photo taken with a fairy.

Second is a post from January 2007 Broken Record in which I candidly confided about how I broke my own record for most capsizes in one regatta.

And third is a post from January 2008 Airline Paranoia in which I courageously confessed to a deep-seated psychological fear of being separated from my tiller.



Zen said...

Hmmmm, nice, but it kind of feels like a TV station/show that has run out of new things for the season , so they play reruns and call them special flash back or something... I'm just saying.

tillerman said...

Thanks for the feedback Zen. I'm not sure if folk are going to appreciate my replaying golden oldies like this.

I have plenty of ideas for new stuff in the works too.

Anybody else got any views on the matter?

Pat said...

Ahh, but recycling is soooh green.

Speaking of cannabalizing old posts for new insights...
"Sometimes it's good to be vegetarian.
Sometimes it's good to be humanitarian.
But sometimes cannabalism gets old."

O Docker said...

This is a great idea.

But you should encourage people to reply with old comments they've previously posted.

If you did this every Friday, you could call it:

Microfiche on Fridays

tillerman said...

O Docker, this is one of the most brilliant comments I have ever read. How do you do it?

Wait, haven't you and I been recycling old comments for months?

Actually I think it might be more entertaining to republish some of the old comments on my blog, than to link to old posts. There are some real doozies back there. For some reason I seem to generate hate mail from some very creative people. We could even have a competition to rank the comments in different categories... most abusive, most self-important, most ridiculous, most ill-informed etc. etc.

frankie said...

If I may my grain of salt, here's a link to a widget that does the job:

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