Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hitler vs Panbo

Panbo thinks the iPad (or the Apple thingie as he calls it) may be great for boats.

Hitler begs to differ...


JP said...

Very good, hadn't seen that. There was a similar thing when hd-dvd lost to blu-ray in the format wars.

Lot of debate about multi-tasking - which it can do for Apple apps (funny that) but I guess we wait for iTampon 2 for that.

In the meantime Stephen Fry (who has actually used one) gives it the thumbs up:

Sam Chapin said...

Don't understand a bit of it... and I don't mind being dumb.

Tillerman said...

Me too Sam. But as someone who once worked in IT I have developed the ability to bluff that I know way more than I really do about technology.

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