Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I have a lot of decisions to make this week...

Should I go down to New York in February for the third annual New York Area Water Blogfest (or NAWB, as the cognoscenti say in fashionable conversation)?

What should the Yankees do about their starting rotation if Andy Pettitte retires?

If registration does eventually open for the Laser Masters Worlds in San Francisco this summer, should I go or not?

Is it worth the effort to learn how to spell Connecticut?

What should we do about the value of the renminbi?

Should I change the look and feel of my blog?

Should we change the filibuster rule?

Who will win the 2011 Moth Worlds?

Is it time to get my hair cut?

Retreat or reload?

Droid or iPhone?

Boxers or briefs?

Where to start?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

It's a hard life.

I think I'll go to bed now.


Baydog said...


Tillerman said...

Thanks Baydog. Well, at least that's sorted out the toughest decision. Now can anyone help me with the renminbi?

MJ Harvey said...

How about the Laser Masters Midwinters at Davis Island? That looks like a good regatta.

Tillerman said...

It does indeed MJ. Chance to meet up with old sailing buddy Eric and my newer online sailing friend Antolin. But what are we going to do about Andy Pettitte?

Baydog said...

I'd go with Interlux instead.

Tillerman said...

Interlux? Never heard of him. Who does he pitch for?

Joe said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I often get tied up in knots over these very same questions.
Connecticut - nope.
Renminbi - whose your Daddy?
Blog - sex it up...more wahines!
Filibuster - just say no to blowhards..........

Tillerman said...

Great advice Joe, thank you. I'll get on to that wahine thing immediately.

So... if any young Rhode Island ladies are reading this and you would like to be photographed later this week on a local beach wearing a skimpy bikini and holding a giant fish then please contact me immediately. We should probably plan on doing the shoot on Thursday. Wednesday we're in for a bit of snow and I'm busy Friday. (Please supply your own giant fish.)

But Joe, you didn't give me any advice on how to decide who is going to win the Moth Worlds.

MJ Harvey said...

Forget about the Yankees and root for the soon to be red hot Baltimore Orioles.

Tillerman said...

You see, that's the problem with you people these days.

It's bad enough having all these decisions to make but at least each decision has certain boundaries. When trying to decide what to do about the filibuster, for example, I only need to look at options for changing the rules of the US Senate. But then someone will try and confuse me even more with some crazy suggestions like, "Why not have a parliamentary system like the UK?" or "We should repeal the Seventeenth Amendment." That's just unfair. How can my tiny brain cope with so many options?

Baltimore Orioles indeed!

O Docker said...

The one I always have to think about is, "Paper or plastic?"

I know they're just waiting for me to make the wrong decision. You know how judgemental grocery store clerks can be. They don't actually say anything. It's more that look they give you.

Plastic will put more awful non-biodegradable junk in our oceans.

But paper will mean they'll have to cut down more trees.

It's not like boxers and briefs where there's a clear, obvious choice.

Turinas said...

Get your ass to NYC. Could care less about the rest :)

Tillerman said...

Thank you Adam.

You see, there's a man who knows how to make decisions. Especially when it's someone else who has to carry out his decision.

I should be more like Adam.

So I have decided that Nathan Outteridge will win the Moth Worlds.

Mmmm. That felt good.

Well, unless John Harris wins.

Or maybe Scott Babbage.


O Docker said...

My blog reader tells me you've changed the wording of the last comment four times.

Can't you make up your mind about anything?

Tillerman said...


Maybe I should decide that Joe Turner will win?

JP said...

Excellent post - just that time of year, was thinking something very similar, apart from not questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, & 11 (I think)

That hair cut one is particularly timely.

Though maybe you should decide not to go to bed just after a post likely to generate many comments - which it appears you didn't.

Good call.

Buff Staysail said...

Just call BAH premium HUMBUG and all your questions will be answered!!

No worries mate!

Tillerman said...

It's not easy having to wake up every few minutes to answer all these comments. And I got crumbs in the bed from trying to eat my egg and tomato sandwich at lunchtime.

bonnie said...

What Adam said.

Baydog should come too.

Baydog said...

Hey, what ever came of the "Camping" post? I clicked and I clicked but to no avail. I kept ending up sailing sunfish in NJ.

bonnie said...

I was wondering about that too. How did it start again? Something like "why would you pretend to be homeless?"

Tillerman said...

I did write a post about camping. But then I made a decision to change my mind and I deleted it. The problem is that on the Interwebs nothing is ever really deleted. Somehow in its brief few minutes of life my camping post managed to trickle out over the RSS tubes and ended up updating various people's blogroll holders. I am trying to decide now if I should change my mind again and repost it.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Baydog said...

My girls would never go camping, unless it had WIFI, refrigerator, air conditioning, H&C
running water, and a firm mattress.

It's amazing they sleep on the boat!

Mojo said...

You may not want to hear this, Tillerman, having already put one decision to bed following the first comment.

I speak of boxers vs. briefs.

I must respectfully disagree with the gentleman from NJ (Mr. Baydog).

Query whether masculine dignity can be maintained by an adult male under-clothed in what is commonly referred to as "tighty-whitys"??

I don't think so!

...not to mention that they're far less comfortable.

Give Owen a goal to which he can aspire!

Mojo said...

O Docker - Note the deviously clever double-entendre of the question asked by your (judgmental) grocery store clerk:

Is it, in fact, a packing question... or one regarding payment?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

BTW - what's your "clear and obvious choice" on boxers vs. briefs?

O Docker said...

Mojo, there are certain existential questions in life for which every man must find his own answers.

PeconicPuffin said...

Yes, trade, yes, yes, worry, no, yes, nobody commenting here, ask Mrs. Lord T, retreat and regroup, iPhone, I-ther, at the beginning.

Mojo said...

I read you, O Docker.

You are reluctant to take a public stand on account of the fact that Angelo, your "family" friend from NJ days (and who is likely quite partial to briefs) might take personal offense were you to endorse a contrary view?

... the men knocking on your door won't be wearing white coats.

Angelo Bruno said...

Who you been sleeping with Mojo?

There's some fishes you might need to meet.

Mojo said...

Um, my wife?

Speaking of fishes, Angelo, I know our host (and swell fellow!) Tillerman has an invitation out to any scantily clad local Rhode Island ladies who'd like to be photographed with him while holding a giant fish (see above)

What's the name of that point near Newport where you live Tillerman??

FYI - it's not far from Providence, where you may know folks from another family.

Anonymous said...

It is quite simple, go to the Florida Masters events in February

Tillerman said...

Mojo, I don't live at "a point near Newport." Newport is a point near where I live. The place where I live is usually referred to on this blog as the Tiller Cottage - or sometimes Tillercottage for short. The Tiller Cottage is indeed not far from Providence which is the capital of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Providence and the Tiller Cottage are both on the mainland of the USA but I can't travel from one to the other with out either going through another state, or hopping via at least one island in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations because the Tiller Cottage is on a piece of land which is not connected to the rest of the mainland of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. I suppose I could travel to Providence by water, if I had one of those fancy Mommy Boats and if the Tiller Cottage had water frontage on Mount Hope Bay, which it doesn't, and I guess I could sail there on my Laser but it would take a while.

I believe you are right in thinking that Providence is a fine town for families.

Mojo said...

Tillerman - Pardon my inaccurate description, which you have exactingly clarified.

I had meant to refer to a point of land on which I thought I had recalled the Tillercottage was situated.

With respect to Angelo, whom I was addressing in the FYI, the "family" he might know (there can be only one) would be business related.

Tillerman said...

There are indeed some family businesses in Providence. One of the most charming districts for family businessese is Atwells Avenue on Federal Hill. Many locals fondly remember the old Coin-O-Matic Distributing Co. and the family members who used to work there. Sadly another family business recently took over the premises and turned it into Mr. Pocket, a Mediterranean sandwich shop that features falafel, kabobs, and gyros.

You can read all about it here.

O Docker said...

If the walls in that building could talk, they'd be in a witness protection program.

Baydog said...

Or down one of those sandy two-tire paths off rt 70......

Mojo said...

I, too, am wistful for the days when neighborhood family entrepreneurs like Ray would put in another day at The Office at the ol' Coin-O-Matic.

Not to add to your decisions burden, Tillerman, but...

Cash or credit?

Tillerman said...

This thread is getting very silly.

Pat said...

Go to San Francisco for the Worlds. That'll get you in the habit of going there so you'll be ready to watch those funny catamaran sailors compete for that Cup trophy thingy.

Tillerman said...

In a former life, there was a time when I was traveling to San Francisco almost weekly. But I managed to break the habit. I do think I would like to go back there one day soon, but not necessarily for the Worlds.

Mondale said...

Go to New York.
Forget about the goddamn Yankees.
Cut your hair.
Don't stop in Connect-i-cut.

Good enough for you?

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