Saturday, January 01, 2011

This is HUGE - ACLM in MA

Sailors from around the world rejoiced at the news that the Atlantic Coast Laser Masters Championship is coming to New Bedford YC in 2011. This might well be the biggest sailing event in the world with potentially 20 or 30 times as many boats as in the much vaunted America's Cup Match... and now it will be in our home waters.

This will not be your grandmother's America's Cup as the boats are 14' planing monohulls that can race at speeds up to 19.7 knots. This will be the Grand Prix of sailing. With the natural amphitheater that Buzzards Bay provides, it will open up the races to thousands of spectators on land. Our waterfront will become the destination it was meant to be. And sailing will benefit with the amount of interest that only these races can create.

Never in the nautical history of MA has there been bigger news than this. Thank you New Bedford Yacht Club! We can't wait for the races to begin!!

The dates for the regatta are 18-19 June and the racing area, loosely defined, lies between the Cape Cod Canal and Cuttyhunk.

It's going to be HUGE!


harrymvt said...

Thank you for turning sour grapes into sweet wine!

Tillerman said...

Good point Harry. Yes, Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery is just up the road from New Bedford YC. They are past masters at turning sour grapes into wine and are well worth a visit for all those millions of visitors coming to watch ACLM 2011 in the natural amphitheater of Buzzards Bay.

I recommend a bottle or two of the 2000 Blanc de Blancs or the 2001 Blanc de Noirs. Just perfect for sipping while watching the sailing in the natural amphitheater.

It's going to be HUGE! Woo-Hoo!

Fungod said...

Oh Tillerman, Thanks for reading my blog! I am really, really excited about the cup coming to SF and have been dreaming about it for months. Heck, I even thought about joining the bidding committee and lending my organizational skills to the team in hopes of bringing the Cup to the Bay. Please note that I am a cruiser at heart but this is going to be off the charts! I will have a spot for you on my sailboat if you would like to join us for a few of the races! Have you ever sailed in SF?? Happy New Year!

Tillerman said...

Thanks Craig for taking my "satire" of your post in such good spirits. Not everyone appreciates it when I take the piss like that.

I can understand why you are so excited about the America's Cup coming to San Francisco Bay. It sounds like it should be a fantastic event. I'm sure I would be feeling the same if Newport had won.

And thanks for that offer to watch some of the races from your boat. I would be delighted to take you up on that.

No, I never have sailed in SF although some of my online friends from there have been encouraging me to come to the Laser Masters Worlds there this summer.

O Docker said...

Someone named 'arnold the cockroach' sent me an email while I was away from blogging for awhile.

Somehow, he'd managed to hack into my blog and actually put up a post (talk about buggy computers!).

Anyway, this arnold (sic) said to tell you he was indeed flattered by your parody, but he'd already picked up on the fact that you'd left the building, so he didn't leave a comment (that you couldn't reply to). I think the cockroaches where I work are smarter than half the people there.

If you make it out for either the Cup or the Laser Masters, we should definitely put together some sort of bloggers meet up and maybe a day out sailing, too, if you can put up with a boat as slow as a Catalina 30.

I didn't realize Michael Blackburn had managed to average seven knots for 13 hours on his Bass Strait crossing.


Tillerman said...

Thanks for the invitation O Docker. I would love to come out and sail with you when I next come to San Francisco. Can we sail in the "natural amphitheater" that I am hearing so much about these days? It sounds really cool but I think I must have missed it on my last visit.

I think Doctor Blackburn's Laser speed was somewhat wave assisted. I find I always go a lot faster downhill too.

Looking forward to meeting you... and arnold the cockroach.

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