Saturday, January 22, 2011

Win Laser 200000

In the fall of last year the Laser Class Office in England issued the first set of plaques with sail numbers over 200000, which means that Lasers with sail numbers over this milestone are probably already shipping somewhere in the world. Has anybody seen one sailing yet?

Woo Hoo! 200,000 Lasers! That means more than 200,000 Laser sailors! Maybe I'm not crazy after all?

But wait, it gets better. For now, the boat with the actual number 200000 has not yet been sold, and the Laser Class has arranged a contest where YOU can win the complete Laser with sail number 200000.

Entering the contest is very simple: you need to join the Laser Class (assuming you are not already a member) and you need to be able to answer one simple question.

So get over to WIN A BRAND NEW LASER and enter now.

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