Friday, January 28, 2011

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Gentlemen (and ladies) start your (search) engines.

It's now officially Friday at Proper Course World Headquarters, so feel free to use search engines to help you with my Inspirational Quotes Quiz. I suspect most of the answers are out there on the Interwebs somewhere but I don't guarantee it. I didn't use the Web at all in generating the quiz. Instead I found all the quotations in some dusty old objects I found in my basement. They are called "books" I believe. Some of my older readers may remember them. So you may well discover that The Google thinks that several of the quotes are from... some blog called Proper Course. Good luck!

Only one guess per person on Friday please. Let's give everyone a chance to get one right.


Buff Staysail said...

Yup, time to come clean, it was your's truly that said all of those quotes.

I was too modest to say previously but who else could it be.

You know it to be true!

Tillerman said...

This is getting seriously weird. Captain JP's imaginary friend claims to have said all the quotes. Meanwhile the first correct answer to the quiz came from a virtual sailor in the virtual world Second Life.

Are there any real people out there?

Shep said...

On the internet no one knows you're a dog

arnold the cockroach said...

i honestly don t understand you humans and your obsession with computers

the only good i can see in them is that the keyboards make for a warm place to sleep and are somewhere to find a few tasty crumbs

Buff Staysail said...

That's outrageous - no way am I imaginary!!!

Anyhow I can prove its true: go to Google and paste in "The art of winning is not in winning, but in winning so that the rest of fleet are pleased you have won" and see what link comes up first


Shep said...

If you read it on the internet it must be true, so I believe Buff

Bubbles said...

Parasailing is sooooooo kewl!!!!

Pat said...

Research is like... work.

I'd rather be sailing. But I'm not. And my kid is sailing in San Diego. And I haven't been sailing in nearly two months, even though I've been to the ocean and taken a race management class. It's getting bad. So I think next month I'll go to Arizona.

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