Friday, February 25, 2011


There are ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT in our fantastic, amazing, iconic, historic GIVEAWAY CONTEST. This is huge people. Seriously, is there anything going on right now in sailing that is more exciting than the Proper Course February group writing contest? And did I mention that there are ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT for you to enter and to have a chance to win the awesome, unique, stupendous, iconic prize... your own personal copy of Tristan Gooley's blockbuster, ground-breaking, iconic, suspenseful new book The Natural Navigator. "Five thumbs up" - Tillerman.

Meanwhile, as you sit on the sidelines, entries are pouring into Proper Course World Headquarters from amazingly inventive writers pursuing their dream of owning this superb, magnificent, extraordinary prize. In the last three days alone our office staff have been overwhelmed with the deluge of THREE (!!!) more submissions. Woo Hoo! This is HUGE!

O Docker, the rambling bard of the sailing blogosphere, has surpassed himself with A History of Navigation, In Verse. Electrifying!

And Carol Anne, the spelling and grammar dominatrix of watery blogdom, has boldly gone where no woman has gone before with The difference between a begonia and a double begonia or, how to get from here to there .... I have no idea what she is talking about so it's probably post-modernist. I never did get post-modernism. Mind-blowing!

Meanwhile the mysterious lurker, John from PDX, surely the best sailing blogger in the universe without a sailing blog, submitted a colon-clenching, bug-swatting, lasagna and bacon bodice-ripper entitled The Graveyard of the Pacific. Foggy!

And now it's your chance to enter to win the unbelievably transcendent, incredibly valuable prize in this month's GIVEAWAY CONTEST, your own personal copy of the best book this century about natural navigation, The Natural Navigator by Tristan Gooley, Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, the only living person to have both flown and sailed solo across the Atlantic. "This book will change your life" - Tillerman.

Full details of how to enter at Navigation.

BREAKING NEWS: We have hired extra office staff to work all weekend at Proper Course World Headquarters to cope with the unexpected avalanche of last-minute entries. Bring it on. We can take it. ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT.

Phew. I think I have an attack of adjective diarrhea. Where's the Imodium?


Ishmael said...

The Quadrant

Mojo said...

Instruments... who needs 'em!

bonnie said...

Like Mojo was sayin'...

Pandabonium said...

Oh, wow, like no pressure. Remind me again in a couple of days.

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