Saturday, February 26, 2011


Thank goodness that there are only three days left in our February group writing project in which I foolishly invited readers to submit posts on the general subject of Navigation in order to win the grand prize of Tristan Gooley's new book The Natural Navigator.

Ever since I clicked on the "Publish Post" button, the Internet cable into my house has been overheating as torrents of stories about navigation have flooded into the Tillercottage. I just can't cope with the volume. I must have been crazy to start this nonsense.

In the last twenty four hours alone, another THREE (!!!) entries have been submitted. It's nuts. Don't you people think I have anything else to do except read your ramblings?

Captain JP is the worst. He has already submitted three entries under his own name. I don't know why he is bothering because he already has a copy of Tristan's book so I can't imagine why is he trying so hard to win another one. But he seems to have some obsession to overwhelm me with posts about navigation from his stately home by the River Thames, so now he has posted The Buff Guide to Navigation, supposedly written by his alter ego, Buff Staysail. Enough!

Then yesterday afternoon I was having a friendly chat on thefacebook with somebody called Bonnie K. Frogma (can you believe that name?) when she somehow twisted what I was saying into an invitation to write a post about navigation too. I don't know what she was thinking. She is a kayaker who never goes out of sight of land so what need does she have of navigation? I guess it's the chance to win a book? She probably already has it too for all I know. Anyway she has written 1,119 words on Paddling Blind. Desperate!

And to round out the avalanche of entries we have How not to Navigate with GPS from Joel Taylor who lives in Vancouver. Joel is a certified dinghy and keelboat instructor who has a blog called Sailing Rocks! I don't get it. How can you sail a rock? Anyway thanks for entering our contest Joel. I think.

The good news is that there are only three days left until this madness will be over. I can't wait. Except that then I will have to publish another post on all the entries, and then select a shortlist of finalists, and then run a poll to select the winner, and then mail Tristan's fantastic book to the winner. When am I going to find the time to do all that? Don't you people think I have anything better to do?

But if you really insist on making my life even more miserable then there are full details of how to participate in this confounded competition at Navigation.

I think I'll lie down and have a nap now. Maybe I can have a relaxing weekend.

Oh geeze. I just remembered. Didn't Baydog threaten to write a "half intelligent" post on navigation? I can hardly wait!


bonnie said...

Oops. I was going to give "Paddling Blind" a day as the top post, but since your sidebar was saying that "Paperless Charts" was back up, I put up the post.

Word verification (no lie, honest):


Jeeze, is that Staysail chappie dropping hints, or what?

Tillerman said...

Yes, I saw the mysterious missing post on my sidebar. As a character says in The Social Network (great movie by the way), "The Internet isn't written in pencil, it's in ink."

Carol Anne said...

Another exercise in getting from here to there: Why fire engines are red.

Verification word: facteni -- what some politicians focus on to the detriment of the big picture.

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