Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Photo Quiz

Where is it?

What's unusual about it?

When did I mention it on this blog?


Zen said...

Oh, easy ! That is three palm island located in the ocean/sea, it is usual because it has one rock.

What did I win? I hope not another one of those custom made duct tape cup holders, which I never got! A pirate hat would be coll though. Can you get one form that guy in England or Scotland, where ever he is?

Word verification "Ophippo"

Renal Milt said...

Zen, I'm pretty sure that you could get the same deal from Fair Isle Tommy that O Docker did. Sail to his island (on your way to Japan perhaps) and he will make whatever hat you want while you are there.

Strictly speaking your answer wasn't quite what I was looking for,

Baydog said...


Fake palm trees

Disney cruise

Chris Partridge said...

Where? Hayling Island.
What's unusual? Sun's out.

Joe said...

Damn it, TinEye came up with zip.
0 Results
Searched over 1.8627 billion images.
for file:
That's a heck of a lot of images.
After doing a Google search of Zen's pick. I think you have a winner.

An island off of Richard Branson's (Virgin Atlantic Owner) main island in the British Virgin Islands.

Did someone mention going out for some rum? After that quiz, let's go get a drink, Dog!

O Docker said...

I'm pretty sure this is Vic's Tropical Paradise - Pools, Palms, and Vinyl Lawn Furniture on Route 17, in Paramus, New Jersey.

What's unusual is that Vic isn't out front waving passing cars into the parking lot. So, this must have been taken on a Thursday, Vic's day off. That is something you could never discover on The Google - you just have to be wise in the ways of the world.

The third part is a trick. You've never mentioned this on your blog. I think it was Baydog.

And I've given up on winning a hat from you. There's no such thing as a free hat.

tillerman said...

Joe (with some help from the Google) has the first part right. It is indeed a sandbar just off Richard Branson's private island, Necker Island.

Baydog got the second part right. The palm trees are indeed fake. I think they were put there for some wedding a while back.

But O Docker is wrong. I did mention this sandbar in a post on my blog. Someone will find it soon, I'm sure.

Litoralis said...


tillerman said...

Litoralis is correct. This sandbar with 3 fake palm trees was the sandspit which I mentioned in my March 09 2010 post about my Hobie Cat Out of Body Experience at Bitter End Yacht Club in 2009. We were supposed to stop at it for a drink on our weird and wacky Hobie sail but we all missed it.

On our return to BEYC in 2010 we did work out why we had all missed seeing this little island on the Out of Body Experience trip. It's actually almost invisible when seen against the backdrop of Necker itself, but easy to spot when its backdrop is open ocean or sky.

Add to this, on that wild 2009 Out of Body trip, the factors of flying spray, spattered sunglasses, total disorientation and abject fear, and I can easily understand how we missed it.

Oops. That should read "Out of Bounds" I guess.

Chris said...

It could be Golgotha after Al Gore's version of Global Warming / Climate Change.

No more frostbiting then, I suppose.

Dan said...

Is it the island from the scene in 'Pirate's of The Caribbean: At Worlds End' where they all meet before the war?

The part where Davy Jones and Lord Cutler Beckett trade Will Turner for Jack Sparrow, just before the movie climax?

I love them films and it looks familiar. This would tie in with the Disney answer.

tillerman said...

I haven't seen that movie Dan, but the list of locations on IMDb for the movie doesn't include the BVI. So I suspect this isn't the island in the movie.

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