Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Link

For your viewing and reading pleasure here is a wonderful blog that I came across this week, Newport Betty.

Betty describes herself as, "A random resident of Newport. A graying empty nester," and her blog as, "My take on what goes on in the so-called City By The Sea. Off season, especially. Past peak."

Many of her posts are series of photographs taken as she wanders around Newport - sometimes at night, often out of season, frequently by the water - which capture the sights of this fascinating city. She has an eye for seeing beauty in the most unexpected places, as all good photographers do.

There is some sailing and even a boat trip to my home town of Tiverton if you want to dig a little deeper in this delightful blog.



Tillerman said...

As for the sausage, bonnie made me do it.

betty said...

wow, Tillerman — THANK YOU! i really appreciate the link (:>

betty said...

and that's my seagull signature, in case you couldn't tell.

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