Tuesday, February 08, 2011

178 Days Until Laser Masters Worlds 2011

It's only 178 days until the start of the Laser Masters World Championships in San Francisco this August. Woo Hoo!


For the last two weeks this was by replaced by a kinder gentler notice saying The Notice of Race and Application Form for this event will be open shortly.

Hmmm. What was all that about? Was there some reason for the delay that "they" didn't want to tell us about? I guess we will never know, because today "they" opened up the site for business. Applications are open. Woo Hoo!

So I need to make a decision. Should I go?

What's that you say? Why would you not go?

Well... it's complicated. There are Pros and Cons.


1. It's freaking San Francisco! Home of America's Cup 34! (Probably, unless Larry changes his mind.) Even more important, home of the Heavy Weather Laser Slalom! Iconic waterfront! Magnificent natural aquatic amphitheater! What sailor wouldn't leap at the chance to sail in a regatta there?

2. It's freaking San Francisco! One of the great cities of the world. I love San Francisco. So much to do there and in the surrounding area. Who wouldn't leap at the chance to take a vacation in San Francisco?

3. It's freaking San Francisco! Home of so many of my blogging friends. Edward and Joe and Craig and Zen and the Eco Dork. I've been wanting to meet them for years. What could be better than to spend some time hanging out with them, maybe even go sailing with them?


1. The Laser Masters Worlds last year was a disaster for me. I wasn't fit enough. I hadn't practiced enough. (And I got sick.) I wasn't up to sailing in those conditions against that level of competition. Who's to say that San Francisco wouldn't be just as bad an experience for me as Hayling Island was? Maybe it's time to admit that I'm not good enough for the Master Worlds any more (indeed, if I ever was.)

2. The regatta is in August. One of the best times of the year in Rhode Island. The weather is perfect for sailing here at that time of year. Tillerwoman's garden is at its peak. There is sailing and outdoor lunches at local restaurants and swimming and walks on the beach and dinners on the grill and sunset watching and playing in the water with grandkids... They even arranged the Worlds at the same time as the Buzzards Bay Regatta, one of my favorites! What were they thinking? Why would I want to leave Rhode Island in August to travel 3000 miles to sail somewhere that is likely to be cooler? Don't get me wrong, Tillerwoman and I do like to travel. But we tend to arrange our travel for the winter months when getting away from chilly New England to go somewhere warm is more appreciated, and when we feel like we're getting a bigger bang for our bucks.

It's complicated.

Should I stay or should I go?


Mojo said...

Tillerman - If you are looking for some inspiration, ask yourself what this legendary man would have done in your shoes... Eddie Would Go

You can be comfortable at home in RI anytime.

Carpe diem!

Of course, Eddie did perish at the tender age of 32.

Worst case, I'm envisioning an ironic but heartfelt annual post on O Docker dedicated to the memory of a heroic blog-mate:

"T-Man Would Go"

(...and with an appropriately adulatory Wikipedia bio, as above, available to your devoted readers)

Baydog said...


But before that, you must consider this

Carol Anne said...

T-man, if you go, you might see more than just the SF friends. Pat's considering helping on the race committee as a way of building his resume as a certified race officer. If we can take care of enough of the financial mess that his dad left behind that I can take the summer term off, I might be there too.

Lisa said...

Nothing can beat the excitement of a regatta, and we had only participated as the press boat.

David said...

Race or not, come on out anyway. I'll take you for a ride on one of my old man boats.
p.s. I'm eagerly awaiting your update 135 days from now.

Baydog said...

Forget Jersey, Tillerman. Your gallery would no doubt be much smaller than in SF. Or wouldit?

Tillerman said...

I have a lot of blogging friends in both San Francisco and the greater NYC/NJ area. One day I want to make trips for meet-ups with both groups.

O Docker said...

OK, I guess the script says that I should jump in here and cue the theme music for our majestic natural amphitheater.

But my cockroach friend has got me thinking about how everything looks from the other guy's point of view. I honestly don't know what I'd choose sitting on the east coast and knowing that the same five hours in an aluminum tube could land me in SF or in some warm, tropical anchorage with white, sandy rum drinks.

Tillerman said...

"White sandy rum drinks"????

You Californicators put sand in your drinks?

What's all that about?

Eco Dork said...

He probably just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Andrew said...

I think one of us should go, and it's not going to be me.

Joe said...

Did someone mention rum?!!!

Baydog said...

Joe, I've got to get together with you.

Anonymous said...

Tillerman, I not having much success at working up sympathy for your dilemma in choosing between SF and RI in August. Either beats the upper Chesapeake that time of year. My boat is just a slow motorboat in July and August, unless we cruise north.

Steve in Baltimore

tillerman said...

Thanks for your sympathy Steve. I will try and bear up under the strain of this choice between two alternate versions of sailing heaven.

PeconicPuffin said...

yeah sure you'll go to the west coast to drink sand, but turn your nose up at your east coast blogging blethren!

Martin Ell said...

Yeah, I'm missing blether and blather with the blogging blethren this week, it is true.

O Docker said...

Wait, the topic of this post
was sailing or wassailing?

SFBayLaser said...

One thing to remember is that August comes every 12 months, it would seem a Laser World Championship comes to San Francisco but once a lifetime.

In addition, its worth remembering that North America's total quota is 165 sailors and, as of this morning, there are already 109 on the list. If you continue to ponder then the decision may be made for you!

What's behind the curtain?

tillerman said...

SFBayLaser, I think it's wonderful that so many North American Laser Masters sailors want to sail in San Francisco. Looking through the list of names who have already applied for a place it seems to me that many of them are folk who would not normally travel to Masters Worlds on other continents. That's great.

I am pretty well certain now that I'm going to sit this one out. Hope it will open up a place for somebody new to experience the fun of a Masters Worlds. If I have a good season on the local circuit and restore my confidence in my ability to handle long races in heavy air then I will definitely jump back in to the Worlds scene again. Especially to ones that are held somewhere warm during he New England winter!

Pat said...

BBR instead?

tillerman said...

Yup. Uncrustables and all.

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