Thursday, May 24, 2012

Go the F**k Home

As regular readers of this blog will have gathered, the theme of the blog for this month has been PLAY. Every day in May (so far) I have written a post on this topic.

It's been pretty easy really. Since I decided to give up working for a living a few years back, pretty much everything I do is play.

Sailing is play.

Running is play.

Blogging is play.

Gardening is play.

Playing with grandkids is playing with grandkids.

Sitting on our deck with my wife on a Wednesday evening, enjoying a bottle of wine while we watch sailboats racing and the sun setting is...  well, it's a lot better than being at work.

But I realize that many of my readers are still working to make enough money so that one day they can go home and play.

I also know for a fact that most of you read this blog during the hours you should be working.

This video is for you.

The bit of it I like best is the part where she says if you can't name at least two things you are doing outside work then you don't have a life.

And the way she keeps saying, "Go the F**k home!"


JP said...

Now that deserves a like button. Alas her theory doesn't work if in an SME and client gets bolshie but a good objective.

Note: didn't watch at work as went home on time today :)

Anonymous said...

But I work from home

Erin said...

Sailing IS my work and I love that video! Thanks for sharing.

Tillerman said...

People whose work IS sailing are en exception to the rule. They shouldn't ever go home.

O Docker said...

We Philadelphians are known for our eloquence.

Fred said...

You got me. It´s Friday noon and I look up your blog at work. Afterwards I will check in with the VOR and than I have lot´s to do to get my C/R ready for the takeover by the new owner. Should call all that: PLAY.

Tillerman said...

She says there's plenty of things to do in Philadpelphia?


You can always go and look at that bell with my name on it.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday was a nice night to be watching the boats and sunset on Mount Hope Bay. Way nicer than the previous FOGGY wednesday ; )

Tillerman said...

It certainly was.

I watched that fog bank come in on Wednesday last week and cover the whole bay while the fleet was racing. I hope everyone got home safely!

Anonymous said...

It was interesting, to say the least, I had neglected to check the batteries in our handheld/ONLY GPS and it was in operative ;(

All racers managed to return safely home after the race. You should join us some wednesday night, allways room for extra talent :)

S/V Selah

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