Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Heavy Air Laser Sailing with Marc Jacobi

Heavy Air Laser Sailing with Marc Jacobi - Reach and Downwind from Laser XD on Vimeo.

Ride along on the bow of Marc Jacobi's Laser during the reach/downwind legs of a Harry Anderson Race in heavy air last Sunday afternoon. This footage is from the Cedar Point Yacht Club spring frostbite series. Cedar Point Yacht Club is located in Westport, CT, USA.


Sam Chapin said...

Great video. It doesn't look like Florida. Tempature 83 today.

Tillerman said...

Sunday was indeed a cool blustery day in New England. We had visitors for the weekend so I wasn't able to get away eearly enough to sail in the Laser regatta for my home fleet in Newport. But I did go down there later in the day to collect my boat and watched the Lasers racing for a while, coincidentally on a Harry Anderson course just like Marc in that race at Westport. It was a pleasure to watch the mayhem at the gybe mark!

GBR 134 said...


Interesting to see such a prestigious Yacht Club apparently approving a promotional video showing racing with a non approved Laser!

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