Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Plato on Play

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play 
than in a year of conversation." - Plato

Discuss in 50,000 words or less. Do not attempt to write on both sides of the paper at once. Bonus points will be given for obscuring the essential relevancy to sailing of your answer.

And now I am off to play for an hour or so at Lasering with an old friend. I wonder what I will discover about him?


O Docker said...

Plato was one of my favorite toys in kindergarten.

Its simplicity was its strength. A simple tub of modeling clay with no instructions encouraged us to let our imaginations run free. It was here that I first learned about mixing colors to create entirely new ones. I learned the principle behind offset printing as I lifted images from comic book pages. The architectural building blocks of column and archway took shape in my small, unsteady hands.

I think some have gone overboard in attributing the foundations of western thought and philosophy to this child's toy, but perhaps that isn't too much of a stretch.

Tillerman said...

Excellent. Clearly this is a sailing comment about going overboard, heavily disguised as a a post about the foundations of western thought.

Keep 'em coming.

BlueVark said...

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play"...

So true, but only if the script is any good. The last play I went to was so boring I left after an hour. As it was a matinee I had time spare to go sailing.

Mrs. P said...

We play games to determine the winner but so many times we get it wrong. There are but 4 questions to ask:

1. Did you play with 100% effort?
2. Did you learn anything?
3. Were you a good sport?
4. So, did you win or lose?

Sometimes winners are losers and losers are winners and after an hour of play, you know which is which.

Tillerman said...

1. No.
2. Yes. I need more practice in winds over 25 knots.
3. Not really. It was mean of me to post that photo of my friend's sail all stained at the top with harbor mud.
4. Every day on the water is a "win" at my age.

Mrs. P said...

Yes, of course. I forgot the Masters Rule ... any day you pass go is a win.

Keep Reaching said...

And any day you go pass is a lose.

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