Sunday, May 20, 2012

Play Sailing By

Sailing By is played every night on BBC Radio 4 at around 00:45hrs before the late Shipping Forecast.


Sam Chapin said...

It ia nice to pick up somje British culture. Are there any words? A song?

Tillerman said...

The Shipping Forecast itself is pure poetry. This is merely the overture.

Diana Kightlinger said...

Thanks for posting ... it's lovely. And makes me want to leave landlocked Montana for the ocean immediately.

Tillerman said...

Given how late it is played on the radio, I think the effect on most people is to make them want to go to sleep!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

What Diana said.....

Keep Reaching said...


There once was a Viking who came Forth from Dover to Wight
Bringing his Dogger from Portland on a leash with a German Bight,
He was in his Forties and a Fisher for Sole with a large Fastnet in the Irish Sea,
Loaded into a Jeep Humber, not a Plymouth, he said in his best French, “It is Lundy
And I am so Malin”, it must be Tyne to go see my dearest Shannon Bailey
And persuade her to leave the old FitzRoy Cromarty so I can take her up the Fair Isle.

22 out of 31 -

Tillerman said...

In Ross and Finistère
The outlook is sinisterre
Rockall and Lundy
Will clear up by Monday

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