Monday, May 14, 2012

Playing with Friends

A few weeks ago I mentioned that this month I was going to be participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo for short). My self-imposed challenge was to to publish one post a day on the theme of "play."

So far so good. 13 days and counting and I've managed to post something sorta kinda vaguely related to play every day.

I didn't invite others to participate with me in this pointless quest but, intentionally or unintentionally, some of my blogging friends have been writing about play too...

Captain JP wrote a somewhat philosophical post Playing at sailing in which he mused on the purpose of children's play and the value of "pain, cold and tiredness."

Bonnie at Frogma has been Playing with a New Toy! and sharing the results with us.

Baydog of 829 southdrive committed a Fowl Play in which he showed us some chickens before and after.

Keep Reaching at Reaching Broadly wrote The Play's the Thing where he ventured into etymology, whatever that is.

And Doug of Improper Course pointed me to some videos on Wednesday Night Fun from May 2010 which showed him doing some very playful things with a Laser including sailing it like a windsurfer (top and bottom left.)

Did I miss anybody?

Update: I knew I missed one: The Wisdom of Play also from Improper Course.


Baydog said...

My unintended participation was me just being dopey as usual.

Tillerman said...

That's pretty much the story of my life too.

O Docker said...

I did some playing with words in a comment on your blog last week. Does that count?

Nah, I guess not. I do that every month.

So this is more pressure to go and write yet another post? Your blog is the only one I know of that gives homework.

Tillerman said...

No. No. No. This was just something I was doing for my own amusement. It is not a group writing project. There is no homework this month. You are expressly forbidden from writing a post about PLAY.

Mrs. P said...

ImproperCourse also posted The Wisdom of Play.

How do you post a link in a comment?

Tillerman said...

Thanks Mrs. P. I had a feeling there was one I missed. To put a link in comments you need to use HTML.

bonnie said...

Oh, and I just couldn't resist another one today as something I've been dying to share finally got posted to YouTube.

I don't know that I could pull off a NaBloPoMo, but "play"? Excellent topic.

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