Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playtime is Over

You may have noticed two odd things about this blog in the last month....
  1. There were a lot of posts
  2. Many of the posts were to do with "play."
The reason was that I was participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo for short) in which I tried to post every day and to write posts on the theme of "play."

Totally pointless but it passed the time until June arrived.

I actually posted more than one post some days, but I did succeed in writing one post about "play" every day (counting this one.) Here they are...

  1. Sailing Families at Play 
  2. Baydog and my2fish playing and sailing with their families.

  3. Play with Intensity
  4. Laser sailors are playing with Intensity - in more ways than one.

  5. Bloggers at Play
  6. Blogging is playing. Participation in a group writing project is playing too.

  7. Don't Stop Playing
  8. A tribute to Great Grandmaster Laser sailors from George Bernard Shaw.

  9. Silly Laser Tricks #1
  10. One silly way to play with a Laser is to tack it by running around the front of the mast.

  11. Silly Laser Tricks #2
  12. An even sillier way to play with a Laser is to tack by stepping between the mast and the boom.

  13. Playing with Grandkids
  14. I had promised a couple of friends that I would go sailing with them but decided that playing with my grandkids would be more fun.

  15. Plato on Play
  16. Plato knew a thing or two about play but did he know sailing?

  17. Scary Play
  18. 30 knots! I was totally out of control. Thank god there was beer afterwards.

  19. Silly Laser Tricks #3
  20. Or if you want to play in a really really silly way you could go wakeboarding on a Laser daggerboard.

  21. Playing Monopoly
  22. Is the Laser game going to end the same way a game of Monopoly does?

  23. How to Play Sailing
  24. A guitar lesson!

  25. Playing with Mum
  26. Remembering my Mum on Mother's Day.

  27. Playing with Friends
  28. Some of my blogging friends came out to play in May!

  29. Playing Hurt
  30. I'm too old to play hurt. I'm going on the 15 day DL.

  31. Kids Learn by Play - Duh!
  32. The Knitting Sailor learns the 3 secrets to teaching kids to sail: fun, competition and bribery.

  33. (Sailing) Games People Play
  34. A link to a whole range of sailing games invented my my former mentor at Goose Poop Beach Sailing Club.

  35. Big Boys Playing
  36. Big boys sail Finns!

  37. Play Safe
  38. A video of a boating accident that was food for thought.

  39. Play Sailing By
  40. A nostalgic tune from the BBC.

  41. Playing Politics
  42. Some advice for windsurfers.

  43. The Play's the Thing
  44. Seriously, are there any good plays about sailing?

  45. Too Old to Play?
  46. If this lady can set a world record for the shot putt at 100 years old, how many more years of Laser sailing do I have left in me?

  47. Go the F**k Home
  48. If you can't name at least two things you are doing outside work then you don't have a life. Go the fuck home.

  49. Playing Tacti-Crack
  50. I'm as bad at SailX as I am at real sailing. I'm doomed!

  51. The Seriousness of Play
  52. WTF was Heraclitus talking about? Would you trust anything said by a guy who self-medicated with liniment of cow manure?

  53. Never Leave the Playground
  54. An amazing old man who never stops playing.

  55. Playing with Dad
  56. Remembering my father on Memorial Day.

  57. Playing (with) a Spinnaker - Part 1
  58. Sailing with one of those big flappy things.

  59. Playing (with) a Spinnaker - Part 2
  60. Playing games with the evil sailing instructor who wanted to kick me out of his class.

  61. Playtime is Over
  62. Seriously. It's over. Go back to work.

I think I'll take a nap now.


my2fish said...

well done - congrats on getting a post for every day!

O Docker said...

What does a retired person go back to when playtime's over?

Baydog said...


JP said...

Well one Tillerman - you worked really hard at that!

my2fish said...

well, hopefully not all of the retired persons.

BlueVark said...

Any idea how many other bloggers stayed the course and played for a whole month?

Tillerman said...

No idea. I don't think anyone keeps score.

Sam Chapin said...

I bet someone at BPN or what ever has some sort of count!

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