Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Kind hearted sailor needed (Mystic Area in CT)

I just saw this post on Bone on its Teeth whose author found this request on Craigslist. I though it worth passing on to my readers too....

Can someone -- anyone -- be a hero or assist in finding a good Samaritan for this dying fellow sailor? The listing is posted in it's entirety below, and the original can be found here.
Kind hearted sailor needed (Mystic Area CT) 
Date: 2012-05-02, 12:08AM EDT 
Reply to: 
Special request please. My dad 93 yrs old lifetime sailor and current sailboat owner is asking me his son to take him sailing "once more". The problem I have is that his sailboat has a keel leak and I can't get it repaired fast enough and the boat rigged and launched before he passes away. He just got released from a week in the hospital and has been sent home with Hospice care and about 3 months of time left on his meter. We are doing his bucket list and the thing he wants most of all is to sail again. Just to be on the sound one afternoon under sail is all that would make this great guys life complete. I'm afraid to spend my last few months working on his boat and not making it happen and he also lives with me so I'm taking care of him through this. I'm cutting out the middle man (me) and his boat and just asking outright if someone who might be taking a casual sail one day very soon to help me make a life time sailor one with the sea and wind again. We had a slip in Mystic last year and he went aground at the rock pile buoy at by the lighthouse / Mystic river. Boat developed a leak and we hauled it. Surveyor inspected and work was to be done, but not in time I fear. He would be escorted by me, he is completely self contained and 1000% with it, a real nice guy and great sailor. He is you, but older and his boat is dry docked and sadly there is a time limit on this plea. Thank you so much for your consideration. Please email me and let me know what you think about this. I'm trying anything at this point.

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