Monday, March 13, 2006


ABN AMRO ONE may have been romping away with the Volvo Ocean Race up to now. But if you're a betting man (or woman) now is the time to withdraw your life savings from the bank and bet it all against both ABN AMRO boats.

They are doomed.

How do I know?

Someone from the domain has just been reading my post on why do sails work. If that is the source of their technical information they are in deep doodoo. Yup. Chopped liver. They are history.

You heard it here first folks.


Litoralis said...

Or maybe a bored Dutch banker looked up your blog from work.

Tillerman said...

Duh. You think so?

Next you'll be telling me that the guy in Valencia who regularly drops by my blog isn't some hotshot sailor from an America's Cup syndicate looking for go faster tips.

Anonymous said...

You mean sailing a Volvo 70 is different from sailing a Laser???

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