Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fool Button

Just in case you were wondering how to protect yourself from avian flu, the official advice to yachtsmen from Britain's Department for the Environment, Fisheries and Agricultural Affairs is, according to The Reluctant Sailor, "Don't eat bird poo".

Gee - I'm glad someone told me that.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I so glad this was brought to my attention...
I was just about to sit down to a nice big meal of seagull and albatross poo for breakfast.
Lucky I read this first!!!

Litoralis said...

I guess that means I'll have to keep my mouth shut while I am looking up at the sail.

Anonymous said...

Another good piece of advice is to wash your hands thouroughly after washing bird guano off your boat. Bird guano can carry the Flu virus.

Tillerman said...

Yes Dan - thats actually what the British official was saying.

Unfortunately a remark after that advice to the effect that 'As long as people aren't eating it they will be all right' was taken out of context by some unscrupulous blogger with purely humorous intent. He should be ashamed of himself.

Litoralis said...

Don't go swimming either.
The evidence is clear.

Seagulls can carry the virus. Bird poo can carry the virus. Seagulls poo in the ocean. THE OCEAN HAS THE BIRD FLU IN IT!!!

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