Friday, March 24, 2006


Tillerman to Commodore and YC Committee
I have discovered that some yacht clubs - especially those in the Annapolis area - hold a ritual "burning of the socks" to welcome the arrival of spring. For example see here or here. This ceremony is to signify that as from this date official nautical dress is boat shoes WITHOUT socks. How about a "burning of the socks" ceremony at our club meeting this Sunday? We have, of course, missed the official vernal equinox but we could always argue that spring arrives later in New Jersey than it does on the Chesapeake.

Commodore to YC Committee
Super idea!!! Never heard of this tradition, but, as some of you might know, I abhor SOCKS and am ready to burn mine. I have a call in to Fred at the inn to arrange for the Burning of the Socks this Sunday at 1pm on the patio.

Sunfish Fleet Captain to YC Committee
I LOVE it! Publicity Director, could we get a story in the local paper? They love stories like this.

Albacore Fleet Captain to YC Committee
Could you imagine if there was a mishap here and we had a fire? The local newspaper front page would read something like "YC gets hot foot members hot to trot burn down club building".

Past Commodore to YC Committee
Sounds like fun, but what are the environmental issues? I mean we're burning socks! Anybody heard of the EPA? And what is to be done with the grill after the rites are completed?

Newsletter Editor to YC Committee
If we could pull this off at this Sunday's meeting, the entire front page of the newsletter is available.

Flying Scot Fleet Captain to YC Committee
Do white socks burn better than colored socks? Is there a particular brand that burns better than the others?

Ladies Fleet Captain to YC Committee
Is burning of pantyhose consistent with the tradition?

Commodore to YC Committee
OK guys, we're on for Sunday at 1pm, before our meeting at the inn. Owner Fred said he'd bring some socks and would appreciate some publicity too.
Who will bring a grill and a little charcoal or wood and get it going?
Tillerman, would you lead the brief ceremonies?
Socks are for the birds.

Tillerman to YC Committee
I will lead the ceremony if you wish.
Does anybody know any appropriate rituals, poems or prayers to accompany sock-burning?


Litoralis said...

Here's one I made up:

Argyle, who art unthreading
Hole-y be thy toes.
Thy knitting come.
Thy twill be undone,
On earth as it is in Valencia.
Give us this day our Maxi sled.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who violate Rule 18.2 against us.
And lead us not into the doldrums,
But deliver us from light winds.
For thine is the springtime,
the breeze and the stories,
Forever and ever.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could sing this song at the Sock Burning:

Black socks, they never get dirty
The longer you wear 'em, the stronger they get
Sometimes I think I should wash 'em
But something inside me keeps saying
Not yet, not yet, not yet....

Carol Anne said...

Litoralis, I love it!

Shopping City Chaplaincy said...

Nuts! You're all crazy! I'm in!

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