Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Guy Talk

Overheard in the men's changing room at the yacht club on Sunday morning ...

M: (struggling to get his head through the latex neck seal of his dry suit) It really pisses me off that I have to shave on Sundays when I come sailing ... this damn neck seal.

S: Yeah.

M: And even if I shave I still end up with this red rash all round my neck at the end of the day.

S: Vaseline.

M: Vaseline? Never thought of that. Thanks for the tip.

M: (observing S easing the latex booties of his dry suit into his hiking boots) What's that you're putting on your booties?

S: KY Jelly.

M: KY Jelly?

S: Yeah. Works like a charm. And it's water soluble so no mess afterwards.

Pause ...

S: And ... you know ... it doesn't harm the rubber ... given what it's actually made for ....

Pause ...

Yeah ... just lube it up and it slips in nice and easy.

Rest of conversation redacted in interests of keeping this a family-friendly blog.


bonnie said...

oh nooooo...

but y'know, somehow this fits right in with the fact that I've been walking around all week with a small mark on my neck which looks like...well, I bet all my co-workers I had some kinda wild weekend.

Actually it was a GREAT weekend but not that way - I'm actually not positive where it came from but it is right in area where the gasket hits & I don't think that's a coincidence.

Just try explaining that to people though. I'm letting 'em wonder.

It was funny reading your weekend post 'cause we had that same business with the weather being feistier than forecast.

Anonymous said...

That's just wrong Tillerman... BTW, the Vaseline will destroy the latex seals... the KY Jelly is recommended for use with latex products... ;)

Tillerman said...

I am just a humble reporter of an overheard conversation.

Views expressed on this website do not necessarily represent the views of Tillerman who will not (and could not possibly be expected to) accept responsibility or liability for any views, claims,rumours or errors that appear herein.

my2fish said...

what about KY jam?

hilarious post - glad you linked back to it.


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