Saturday, March 18, 2006

Albert Einstein - Sailor

It's not widely known that Albert Einstein was a sailor. Indeed his friends gave him a yacht for his 50th birthday in 1929.
The sailing magazine Die Yacht described this boat in detail. Sadly, after the Nazis came to power and he moved to America he had to leave this boat behind in Germany, and the boat was eventually confiscated by the state. He continued to sail small boats while working at Princeton. Here he is sailing on Lake Carnegie in Princeton with a female friend and this site has a picture of him sailing off Long Island in 1937.

One can only assume that he spent some time pondering how sails work.


EVK4 said...

Thankfully, I re-read your blog often and don't just go on first impressions because I somehow missed your Einsteinian photoshopping the first time. Newton Blows, that's classic.

re: the vang re-rig, think he's going for 15-1 or 8-1?

Tillerman said...

I'm glad someone read what was on the blackboard.

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