Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nautical Wheelers

I first wrote about the Hoot a few weeks ago. So how do you like the picture of the Hoot being wheeled down to the water? The wheels are mounted on axles which go into holes in the aft part of the Hoot. Once the boat is floating in the water, you just pull out the wheels and leave them behind.

Even easier than the ubiquitous Seitech dollies. Will this idea catch on in other new designs, I wonder?


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Anonymous said...

I saw this idea of attaching retractable wheels to a sailboat a couple of years ago on some guys website. Wait while I do a google search.....Go it!
How wild is that?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same brunette as before?

Anonymous said...

One used to be able to buy wheels for a Sunfish that would attach with a pin to the rudder fitting on the stern. Such a system works fine on pavement, but not on a beach.

Charles N. Cox said...

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. It's been a long time in coming, but this year's sailing season is finally coming around. I expect to be getting my sailing blog entries up soon with adventures in the BVI, and around western Washington. 'Til then I guess I'll just blog about the Internet some more. :)

I've added you to my blogroll, I love hearing about sailing!

Litoralis said...

What happens when there is any wind at all? Those wheels are so close together that in any kind of crosswind it looks like the boat would blow over.

Remember the wheels for Sunfish that would slide into the daggerboard trunk...they were more trouble than anything else.

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