Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Love The Now

Today I am going sailing.

Man, it feels good to be able to say that. Yes, a new season starts today.

The last time I sailed was three months ago and I wrote about it in posts on frostbiting, observations on squirrel starts, thoughts on how to get into trouble at the windward mark and how to make even more dumb mistakes. From the perspective of providing raw material for this blog, that was a hell of a productive day's sailing.

Since then I have written a post almost every day, most of them with some tenuous connection to sailing, without ever once setting foot in a frigging boat. Yeah sure we had the occasional diversion into quail hunting, a concert in Detroit, the wattle, and church signs. Hey - it's been a long winter. But most of the time I managed to stay on topic. Bloody brilliant, I would say.

But the long dark winter is over. Today I am going sailing. So, once again, I will have some actual sailing experiences to recount. Thank you dear readers for your patience, support and kindness, and for helping me through this difficult time. It hasn't been easy. (Sounds of muffled sobbing.)

I would just like to say that it warms my heart to know that you, my readers, are leading edge sailors, thoughtful people who come here to expand your intellectual horizons and read sophisticated, fact-based analysis about sailing.

At least that's what I thought until I read all this stuff about you at Dennis The Peasant.

Please tell me he's wrong. I may have to change the whole emphasis of this blog if he is right and actually start trying to entertain you. Yikes.

Anyway, did I mention? Today, I am going sailing.


Tim Coleman said...

So? how did it go?

bonnie said...

Dennis is wrong.

I don't know who these Glenn and Roger and Marcus people are.

I love learning stuff. Like that post about the physics of sails was pretty darned cool (and you got your commenters to do half the work there, very sly).

Feel better now?

Now please quit reading that drivel and let's hear more about messing around in boats. Bonus points if I learn something when I read it.

Tillerman said...

Thanks for the feedback bonnie. I think the Dennis guy had his tongue at least half planted in cheek when he wrote that stuff.

Glad you liked the physics of sailing articles - I'm going to return to that theme soon - there's lots more to say.

Carol Anne said...

So did you get in sailing over the weekend, or did your weekend get bagged the way mine did?

Pat said...

So how was the sail?
Enquiring minds want to know.

And maybe someone could dig up something on the psychology of starting lines.

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