Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Clerihew Round Up

Thanks to all who contributed clerihews about themselves or others in response to yesterday's request. Here are the best of the best...

Once had a plan
To blog about sailing,
Too bad that he's failing.

my name is Tim
and I'm not so thin
If I lost some weight
well that'd be great

Kayaker Bonnie
Loves her Romany
and is also quite true
to her charming TQ

Carol Anne
Had a plan
To blog this and that
'Til caught by a cat

Adam Turinas
Rhymes with... ? umm Venus
Or maybe with highness
So cock, why the shyness?

Joe Rowth
Has a blog called Horse's Mouth
Thorry about the lithp
I hope he wont be pitht

My name is the Horse
and I love the Force
If I got a Laser
I would be even crazier

isn't known for his lightness
he got a new sail
but to no avail

Is such a He Man
On a laser
He amaze yer

To race or cruise
You cannot lose
Get on the water
You know you ought ta'

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