Monday, July 02, 2007


This weekend I sailed my Laser in the Championship of Buzzards Bay and my aching body this morning is telling me I must have had a great time. Lots to blog about including my new sail (yes I finally splurged), what I learned about sailing fitness, losing and finding my groove, watching and learning from a master of the sport, my devilish scheme to beat Litoralis yet again, Tillerwoman's advice on sailing, and coming out of the closet. I may even get around to discussing some helpful advice I received on urination technique, and what was in that mysterious pink drink.

Given that I've been able to milk my experiences at the Laser North Americans for almost two weeks of blogging, I fully expect to be able to do the same for this event.

More to follow...


Anonymous said...

You came out of the closet?

Can't wait for the explanation Tillerman!!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of options for urination techniques, but dropping in the drink like a girl isn't one of them!


merrifie said...

Besides... it's slow

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