Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Some sailing bloggers like Andrew are jetting round the world to major championships and have every reason to expect a good result...
"... held on Robert Scheidt’s hip most of the way up the beat. We tacked and I was able to pinch him off..."
(God, it must have felt good to be able to write that bit!)

Others have more relaxed ambitions. The author of J24 Blog has these expectations for Friday night racing...
  • To have fun

  • Don’t hit any other boats

  • Get more friends and family out racing with us

  • Prove Bill wrong that it is possible to BBQ hot dogs on the pushpit-mounted grill while underway in a race.
What are your expectations for sailing this weekend?


Carol Anne said...

THIS weekend: Maybe a little laid-back, casual sailing, and then haul the boat out of the water, take it apart, and prepare for the road trip to the Dillon Open Regatta.

NEXT weekend: The Dillon Open, where we won't be as totally scared out of our wits as we were last year, and we hope to hold our own. We're more familiar with both the venue and the boat (both of which were new to us last year).

Last year, we did better than expected, although we didn't learn that until the first day's racing was over, and then the second day didn't happen because of nonexistent wind. This year, there will be other Etchells racing, but not enough to make for a separate fleet. Our goal is to finish in the top half of the fleet we'll be sailing in, the PHRF fast fleet.

As for other expectations ... we hope to enjoy the social events and meet other people who have the same interests we do. One of the things I love about sailing is all of the human contact with other sailors, and at Dillon, there's a lot of that.

Anonymous said...

This weekend: sailing the Laser at Massapoag on Sunday. Expecting some casual racing on the local lake.

Next weekend: sailing the Star at the Sunapee Open on beautiful Lake Sunapee, NH. Expecting some good competition, and if the wind is anything like last year, some swimming in the lake to keep cool.

Anonymous said...

This weekend (weather willing) sailing with our friends Terry and Claude on Raritan Bay. Just chillaxing!

EVK4 said...

I'm going to see some kites. That's my plan.

Pat said...

A little sailing, a bit of kayaking, fiddling around with fixing up the marina, then de-rigging and towing 275 miles as visit what's billed as the world's highest yacht club and regatta. (14,000-foot peaks surround a lake with a surface elevation near 9,017 feet. The water is a bit chilly.)

During the week before the regatta, we should be able to see some nice sailing, with the Snipe Jr. Nationals, Snipe National Qualifiers, and Snipe Nationals.

JSW225 said...

Well, last weekend I got the Sailfish out. God damn was that a fun boat. Because it's 2 inches shallower, it seems to sit so much lower in the water. It's so instable, fast, fun, difficult to sit on...

It was almost like a surf board with a sunfish sail on it.

I capsized after death rolling it (odd that I could do that in a non-laser), but I literally had it back up and sailing in 15 seconds.

The only times I wasn't planing was whenever I plowed into a wave wrong.

Shopping City Chaplaincy said...

This weekend is the start of North West Norfolk Sailing Association Regatta week.
I'm hoping to do well, better than last year.

Tillerman said...

Great plans all of you. Have a great weekend. Me, I'm off to sail my Laser in the Hyannis Regatta.

Expectations? Have fun. Make some new friends. Meet some old friends. Eat well. Drink... well, in moderation. Sail hard in every race and finally beat that guy.

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