Friday, July 20, 2007

Three Watery Bloggish Thingies

It's a while since I published my last Top Ten Sailing Blogs post and since then a number of new entertaining and informative blogs have popped up... or maybe I just became aware of them. I'm not planning to do another Top Ten list before the end of the year, but here are a few blogs and websites that are worthy of mention and may be contenders for that next list. (Current top ten honorees look to your laurels.)
is a videoblog that features bouncy presenter Julie Perry in 3-5 minute online shows covering all manner of boating-related stories and news. Today for example she hits on dredging the Great Lakes, a yacht marooned in Key West, boat renaming ceremonies,
and a "Best Viewed from a Boat" Fireworks Contest. Seems like she is seeking comments and feedback on the blog..."It takes a village people! Or at least a marina."

Rule 69 Blog
succeeds in its aim to be "fun, light-hearted and informative on a daily basis". It warns that "the views, at times, may be scathing, unpopular and left-field" but, hey, that's its major charm. (Did I get the apostrophes right there Carol Anne?) Edited by Magnus Wheatley (by no means as easy on the eye, or as bouncy, as the aforementioned Ms Pepper) Rule 69 Blog has recently covered such topics as how the clowns at America's Cup management are ruining our circus, why Ben Ainslie would be crazy to join the British AC challenge and a nightmare stag night prank. More controversial than Scuttlebutt but, dare I say it, more wary of libel laws than Sailing Anarchy, the only real beef I have against Rule 69 Blog is that it doesn't allow comments.

And then we have SplashVision. It's relatively new and I'm not really sure where it's heading. Easiest way to describe it perhaps is YouTube for boaters. Or in their own words SplashVision is "the Only Social Network in the world targeted towards Scientists, Water Enthusiasts, Seafarers, Beach Lovers and Hobbyists. It is a community site which has to do with anything related to bodies of water including Oceans, Lakes, Ponds, Canals, Fjords, and the like. Also included are Beaches and Vacation destinations along their shores and the People, Organisms and Creatures who survive, navigate, search and scour them." Oh, and they do plan to have a splashblog too.

Here's one of the videos from SplashVision...

wind surfing - cheating death

Puffy is that you?


Anonymous said...

Rule 69 blog is great! The only problem with it is that there are no comments allowed.

Tillerman said...

Perhaps he doesn't want people putting stuff in the comments that he already mentioned in the original post?

PeconicPuffin said...

re the windsurfer and the calving glacier, that is not me. The clip is from a wonderful DVD named "Camanchaca". From a review:
"This is a surreal windsurfing/travel/audio-visual experience. Camanchaca chronicles an extreme windsurfing sojourn from Sanitago, Chile to glacial lagoons over 14,000 feet high in the Andes, to forsaken lakes in Argentina, to the fantastic Perito Moreno glacier down Tierra del Fuego way. The two European adventurers seem to travel through a windsurfing dream world. There is no narration, only flavorful and mesmerizing music. The world-class cinematography and jaw-dropping scenery is what really sets this film (it's really not a video) apart. You will lose yourself into another world while watching."

P.S. "Puffy"? That Joe-speak!

Carol Anne said...

You definitely have the apostrophe rules down. However, you and Julie Perry both need to work on using commas to separate the name of the person(s) being addressed from the comment being addressed to said person(s).

Not to worry, I have a comma workshop planned for the near future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the positive review on our new podcast. You have a great blog and your audience loves it. We received tons of visits from your post.
TheBoaters is part of a larger effort of building a my space for the boating community. A social network so we can all share, learn and meet others. We are launching in August and are looking for early beta adopters. Anybody can sign in at

Again, thank you for your comments.

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