Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Day 1912

It seems like a long time since we left New Jersey. It's not really 95 years (only 4 months in reality) but this old photo from 1912 captures exactly the spirit of the world we left behind. The shot is taken from the place just across the road from our old house, at the bottom of the ramp where I used to launch my Sunfish. The tantalizing strip of wind on the far side of the lake is typical of what I would often see when launching to go racing on a Sunday morning. The summer house in the picture still stands at the bottom of our ex-neighbor's garden.

Now I spend my summer weekends racing my Laser in Buzzards Bay or Narragansett Bay in 15-20 knots. And yet I still feel an occasional twinge of nostalgia for the patchy winds on that tiny lake. Very very occasional.

And before anybody asks, no, I didn't take that picture myself.


EVK4 said...

did you have to scull over the the other side? that seems like a bit of a bummer every time you go sailing. Could a laser be fitted with an outboard bracket?

Pat said...

Standard Sunfish training... when all else fails, pull out the centreboard and use it as a paddle. That one doesn't work so well, however, with an Etchells.

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