Monday, July 23, 2007

Not Today Please

Cheat the nursing home, die on your Laser.
But please... not today.

The photo shows Joel Lambinus and his Laser after being run down by a tour boat in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina while sailing in the Charleston Yacht Club Open.

"I looked over my shoulder, and I saw the boat, about 75 yards away and headed dead straight for me," said Lambinus, 57, an experienced sailor. "A Laser sits 6 inches above the water, and that boat is four stories tall and 100-something feet long," he said.

He recalled hearing a woman aboard the tour boat scream as he hit the water. "I thought, what a hell of a way to die. I'm going to die underneath a tour boat in Charleston. What kind of a way to die is that?"




Anonymous said...

WOW! I have been close to the path of the high speed ferries in the Boston Harbor while racing...but we were in the channel and knew we had to keep clear (and did). If this is as clear-cut as the article suggests (a hit and run incident in an area reserved for sailboats against a sailor with a captain's license who was racing at the time of the incident) then the ferry company had better watch out.

Carol Anne said...

The article says it was a tour boat, not a ferry. Ferries have schedules to meet, and set routes. Tour boats don't. For a tour boat to be going through a race area while a race was going on (assuming the tour boat company had been notified of the racing) was at the very least gross negligence.

Carol Anne said...

And I'm also assuming that the organizers of the race were smart enough to keep the race course away from the ferry routes.

Anonymous said...

There's often not much difference between tour boats and ferry boats in busy harbors of tourist cities. I imagine that both types of boat follow a schedule and set routes while within the harbor.

PeconicPuffin said...

The good people of Charleston should take exception to their "spirit" carrying on in this manner. Someone should be keelhauled.

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