Saturday, November 03, 2007

1000 Days

Today's links are both related to the story of Reid Stowe and his girlfriend Soanya Ahmad, who are attempting to spend 1000 days at sea in the 70-foot gaff-rigged schooner Anne, without any contact with supporting ports.

Their website and blog are at 1000 Days at Sea.

Personally, as someone totally lacking any experience whatsoever in ocean voyaging, I initially saw Reid and Soanya's endeavor as a worthy attempt on some kind of record (I guess they are trying to prove something) and the blog as a vaguely interesting account of the daily trials of life at sea.

But the armchair experts at Sailing Anarchy decided that Reid's voyage was a folly of the highest order and have been lambasting him for months now. And there is now another blog 1000 Days of Hell, dedicated to exposing the "truth" about Reid the man and his supposed lack of nautical skills, and to publishing clever parodies of the material on his website.

It's all highly entertaining if you like that kind of thing. But I'm still wondering whether the whole voyage itself and the supposed authentic website and voyage log are not some fiction dreamed up by a nerdy blogger sailor-wannabe posting from some basement bedroom in Boise, Idaho. How would you know?


Anonymous said...

Day 407 - Water gone. Forced to drink urine.

My question is why and who cares? I think it would be more interesting to visit different ports of call on a voyage lasting a 1000 days. But what do I know, I'm a dinghy sailor.

EVK4 said...

Not sure how I feel about the new welcome mat. you go from an adorable picture of you and your granddaughter on a beach to hairy feet with an ankle tattoo. Ack.

1000 days....I should show you a picture some day of what I looked like after 20 days at sea. Thank the olfactory gods that the camera didn't store odors. that was after 20 days.

Anonymous said...

Good work.

I believe they did set off, put the tracker on a buoy or hooked it up to an ocean one. As can been seen on the 'official' web-site it has been drifting for months, with the current.

Its all a fraud, with Reid and mates collecting the cash, whilst sitting in some bar smoking hooch, and carrying on.

A brilliant but throughly criminal con job, very suitable for Reid's past as a drug smuggler enjoy it.

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