Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sailing in San Diego

submitted by Carol Anne

This photo was from the 2006 New Year's Regatta, and it shows three nuts from New Mexico, on board an ancient Etchells, out ahead of Dennis Connors' multimillion-dollar Q boat.

According to people who were there, at the party at the yacht club after the regatta, Zorro asked Dennis, "Have you ever seen an Etchells this old before?"

To which Dennis responded, "Yes."

Zorro's response: "From the rear?"

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Anonymous said...

I presume that the Q-boat is COTTON BLOSSOM II...I think that you should check on the dates and the context of the photos because I believe that COTTON BLOSSOM II has been in the Med since late 2005. Maybe not, but you had better check.