Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sailing in San Francisco

submitted by Edward of EVK4 SuperBlog
He says this is what the city looks like from the water most of the time

Ever the joker is Edward.
But he has more...

"my crew kind-of-hiking with the SF skyline and the Bay Bridge in the background"
more photos of San Francisco from Edward

submitted by Emory Heisler
dipping rail, spray bowing to Alcatraz!

submitted by Gail Hine
The all-female team practicing for the 1997 Transpac
on Dan and Linda Newland's 'PEGASUS XIV"
- a custom 37-ft designed and built boat by Dan Newland.
Linda Newland was the skipper of the vessel for that Transpac race.

submitted by Zen
more photos at Zensekai II - By Sea
and even more at bilgewire

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