Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mermaids, Hot Tubs, Spiders, Urinals and Wildebeest

It seems that I misjudged you my dear readers. I had thought that you would like nothing better at Thanksgiving than to spend a few happy minutes browsing around boating blogs to find the answers to such deliciously salacious questions as "who recently lost their New Jersey virginity?" and "who has been taking photos of urinals in China?"

But no. There was hardly any response to my Boating Blog Trivia Quiz. Clearly you were all much too busy following other Thanksgiving traditions such as pretending to enjoy eating a plateful of your mother-in-law's special yams in raspberry syrup, and laughing for the seventeenth year at Uncle Joe's joke about the time he lost his dentures while stuffing the turkey.

Actually there were two answers in the comments. But they were both from Adam. And the second one was only correcting the first one. What were you drinking man?

Anyone, I am not one to be deterred by your apathy. Whatever the reason for your giving me the cold shoulder, I forgive you. So for your blog browsing pleasure here are the answers to the quiz. Knock yourself out.

1. The dude who recently achieved a speed of 21.8 knots in a foiler Moth is Simon Nelson from another mid life crisis.

2. And the other dude who recommends warming your feet in a hot tub before you go windsurfing is Windsurf Woody.

3. Edward from EVK4 SuperBlog is the superhero who has just launched an official Laser Olympic Campaign with the motto "Velox Ocius Pango".

4. As Adam correctly answered, this picture of a monster spider ready to devour London is from Captain JP's log.

5. No Litoralis, it wasn't frogma who wrote about losing her "New Jersey virginity". It was Grandma.

6. And it was Soulsailor's kids who persuade him to name his new boat "Miracle or Jedi Mind Trick".

7. The author of South West Sea Kayaking is apparently a fellow Fawlty Towers fan. Hey, the post was about kayaking in Torbay so this quote does kind of fit.

Well, may I ask what you expected to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window?

Sydney Opera House perhaps?

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain…”

- Basil Fawlty

8. Step forward for civilization. Danish windsurfer Moses Lovstad was the fellow who was training in China and felt compelled to share with us this sample of Chinese culture.

9. Christy from Central Air was in the Fish on Friday mood when she posted this photo.

10. And finally, (do I hear a huge sigh of relief) David who writes Never Sea Land has something of a mermaid fixation and was responsible for ruining your appetite for Thanksgiving dinner with this anatomically correct picture of the mermaidian reproductive tract.


Pat said...

For me, there was little point to blogging during turkey weekend. Our rural dial up is lucky to get a 24 kilobit connection. At home, I spent time watching the snow and feeding logs into the fireplace whilst we enjoyed the arrival of the first significant snow of the season. This coming weekend, in the southern part of our state, is the last regatta of the year. Winds should be powerful enough to blow Yorkshire Terriers off of plastic chains.

When the weather allowed, I was out the (closed for the season) marina, wrestling with a 32-foot section of gangway. Sometimes it won.

bonnie said...

I was catching up on blogs a little bit on Monday, when I was home sick sick sick. Unfortunately I was apparently too weak and tired to even open the comments and see that I could still play. Totally would've gotten Edward, been watching his Photosho..ooops, I mean Laser campaign with bated breath. The Olympics! How exciting!

SteerRollDash said...

This reminds of the old joke about the mermaid who won the 'Miss World' competition. Her vital statistics were:
38 26 and £5.24 a pound

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