Friday, November 30, 2007

Fish on Fridays

My granddaughter likes to draw. She likes to draw in chalk on her drive. To be more truthful she likes grownups to draw things for her that she can "color in" a.k.a "scribble approximately between the lines". She is only two.

If you ask her what she would like you to draw for her she will answer 99% of the time, "Fish." I don't know why. Maybe her mind has been warped by exposure at too early an age to Joe Rouse's Fish on Fridays feature. Maybe it is a sign that she will grow up to be the world champion bass angler. Or maybe she just wants a design for a fish decal to stick on her campaign boat for the 2028 Olympics.

Or maybe the kid just likes fish. Whatever.

Anyway, in our family it has been a tradition for almost 30 years now that when a child has a birthday my wife, Tillerwoman, will make a birthday cake with a theme. I'm sure both my sons had boat cakes some years, there was definitely a Hickory Dickory Dock The Mouse Ran Up The Clock nursery rhyme cake one year, there was a train cake another year, and last year for her first birthday Emily had an Elmo cake.

You can guess where this is heading. This year, Mrs T just had to make a fishcake.

No, wait. That's not right. Not a fishcake. A birthday cake with a fishy theme. A fish cake.

So on the day before Emily's birthday party four of us, including master cake chef Mrs T, assembled to decorate Emily's cake.

What do you think? Did we do well?

We all made something. Uncle Mike contributed a whale, a lobster and a seahorse. Aimee made the puffer fish and the octopus.

Even I, the only member of the group with no culinary or artistic skills whatsoever, made one fish. You can probably guess which one.

Tonight, Tillerwoman is promising to cook Fish and Chips for dinner. She is currently out shopping for malt vinegar and mushy peas. I am a lucky man.


Anonymous said...

Lovely cake Tillerman. I'm not much of a cake guy myself, but you had me wanting to eat that one as I read your post. Those fish are fantastic. With any luck, your grandaughter will grow up to be a good fisherwoman...there aren't enough of them around as it is.

Tillerman said...

She may well become a fisherwoman. Fishing was her other grandfather's passion. Sadly he died shortly after Emily was born or I am sure he would be itching to take her on fishing trips by now. Anyway, it's in her genes.

Anonymous said...

What a little doll! Very cute cake but I have to ask, which fish did she want for her cake?

Anonymous said...

I think she liked all the fish on her cake equally.

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