Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sailing in Boston

from litoralis

submitted by Tom Hurwitch
International 210's

submitted by Chris Vance
more shots of Boston sailing at Sailing in the city

submitted by litoralis
Photo originally from MIT Sailing
Other shots of MIT sailing team on the Charles River
at Sailing in the City


EVK4 said...

I love that aerial view...beautiful shot.

Umm, but I can't help but notice the hairy feet are still there detracting from my enjoyment of your blog.

Tillerman said...

I'm in the middle of composing in my head a long philosophical and metaphysical defense of the feet. Maybe this weekend I will publish the erudite exposition on why the feet are the most important thing to hit the blogosphere since... since... well since Al Gore and I invented the Interwebs. Now where is that whisky bottle?

JSW225 said...

The last picture is of the MIT Tech dingies. Easily, the best boat in all of college racing.

Tillerman said...

Right jsw. Litoralis who sent me the picture is something of a Tech Dinghy God.

I've sailed them with him on the Charles in Techs a couple of times. Once in some evening series where it was incredibly light air but I did beat him in one race even though it was my first time in the boat. And then once just for fun when his now wife and my wife went shopping. We did some informal sorta racing and he tried to hard to beat me downwind and deathrolled.

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