Saturday, November 24, 2007

Spanish Lessons

"I split with the leaders, find a little booster shot on the left, and nip Bethwaite at the finish line for the bullet. Life is good."

No, I didn't write that. It's a quote from
Spanish Lessons, an account of the 2007 Laser Masters Worlds in Roses written by Bill Symes. Bill was sailing in the same fleet as me at Roses, but he's a much better sailor than me, and a much better writer.

So enjoy his story, the story I wish I could have written about the regatta I wish I could have had.


Joe said...

Tilly old man, I hate to disagree with you, but you are a better writer than Bill. Who else is going to entertain us with fish heads, Cabarete adventures, esoteric sailing stuff and weird weathermen?

Dude, you are the sailing blog-meister!

Your humble admirer,

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like if he could start properly hed win every race you ought to teach him how to start Tiller

Tillerman said...

topper159, I think that Bill's account reflects what all racing sailors know: getting a good start is huge.

But I don't think that Bill would claim that if he started "properly" every time he would win every race at this level of competition.

And certainly there is nothing I could teach him about how to start well. He's the one that should be teaching me!

Anonymous said...

lol should hve been added to the above post

but i have to say if he has enough boat speed to start on the 4th row and still get in the top ten still sounds to me like he would be in with a shout of a podium finish if he started at the front

Tillerman said...

Ummm topper, Bill finished 5th overall in a 75 boat fleet and won one of the coveted laser cubes. In my book that is a "podium finish".

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