Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Comments On

A few days ago I asked my readers whether a "real" blog ought to allow comments. In particular I asked whether a blog should allow such reader participation before being considered as a candidate for my list of Top Ten Sailing Blogs of 2007.

Today, Scuttleblog, incidentally one of the Top Ten Sailing Blogs of 2006, decided to turn comments on.

Hmmm. Coincidence?

Whatever the reason I think it's a good move.

Wonder if any of the other "sailing web sites that look like blogs but don't want to hear from their readers" will follow suit. You know who you are.


Blogger said...

No coincidence, and while it would be flattering to remain on your top ten list, the comments were turned on based on your advice for blog set-up. You rule the blog world, so we shall follow.

Fred said...

>>You know who you are.<<
I am still laughing... and I think that we have the same guy in mind. This sentence makes my day.

And the Cutchmeron (oh, I can´write this word) is dead right: You rule the blog world!

Pat said...

Of course, the T-man won't let such comments as Scuttleblog's go to his head; he'd certainly not want to risk crew mutiny. ;)

Happy turkey leftovers day! In northern NM, we're enjoying a beautiful blanket of snow, which is a huge contrast to last weekend's shirtsleeve sailing weather at our final fall series regatta.

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