Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear Gov

Dear Gov,

Thanks for taking the initiative to lead our state to find more sources of renewable energy. I appreciate your decision to seek bids from private developers to build and operate an offshore wind farm designed to generate 1.3-million megawatt-hours per year just south of Block Island in a move that would also significantly lower the cost of electricity on Block Island. It makes me proud of my adopted state, Rhode Island.

Keep up the good work.



Team Gherkin said...

Bravo! We have a windfarm right beside our rural sailing club out at Carcoar - I know it really helps with peoples' attitudes to green power sources in this region. plus it's so quiet!
Mal :)

tillerman said...

Yeah, you Aussies seem to be setting a great example in this area. When we were in Western Australia a few weeks ago we drove past the the Alinta Wind Farm just south of Geraldton.

Apparently it produce 90 megawatts of power from 54 of the world's largest wind turbines. It displaces 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases that would normally be produced by fossil fuel based power generation methods which is the equivalent of removing 80,000 cars off the roads each year.

Litoralis said...

Yeah, good for Rhode Island...up here in Massachusetts we have can't have a wind farm because it might ruin our senior Senator's view.

EVK4 said...

I was looking at a map of renewable energy powerplants a few months ago and noticed two things:

1. wind power is always right next to vacation homes (mountain peaks and beaches)

2. solar and geo-thermal are in the middle of nowhere far from where the people need the electricity.

The solution to 1 is to say "to heck with you rich people" and the solution to 2 is to build long pipelines (thereby increasing carbon footprint).

I guess we could all move to the desert?!?

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