Friday, April 04, 2008

Dear Sir Paul

Dear Sir Paul,

Thanks for sending me the pictures of your recent Sunfish racing seminar in Antigua. I've only been out of the Sunfish scene for a year or so, but apparently the go-fast techniques have advanced considerably in that time.

I like the new recommended upwind light air body position. I can see that you are able to keep the boat with exactly the correct critical few degrees of leeward heel by subtle movements of your arms and legs, and with your body that low in the boat you have reduced wind resistance considerably.

And the new technique for downwind is fantastic. You have the perfect view of the clouds so you can position the boat to catch any puffs. And that subtle use of the feet instead of the rudder must lead to much more sensitive steering. Any Rule 42 issues here, I wonder?

But the most impressive move of all is this new method of roll tacking. Using the angular momentum of the legs to initiate the roll while completing the tack with no hands on the sheet or rudder! Superb! What efficiency!

It looks to me as if your new student is enjoying the seminar too. How considerate of you to allow her to observe your speed-sailing technique by sharing your boat with her. I expect she learned a lot by working so closely with an expert such as yourself.



Anonymous said...

LOL. Great post Tman. You have started an otherwise crappy day with a great laugh

Team Gherkin said...

Dear Tillerman

I bloody *OWN* Antigua, so I can do whatever I want!

Sir Paul


Mal :)

Brent J. Burrows II said...

Haha, you get any pics of him in my sunfish in the Bahamas?? :P

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